Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual Review: Funny, Intelligent and Precise

Joel Kim Booster is in the house! The man, the moment and the icon himself is finally getting the recognition he deserves as he brings out his first Netflix stand-up comedy special Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual as a part of Netflix Is a Joke fest. A lot of comedians have participated in this event and, by far, Booster is one giving us the right comedic boost we need to laugh our hearts out.

Directed by Doron Max Hagay, the Netflix special stars Booster in a three-part comedic act. The runtime of the show is one hour seven minutes and ranges over various topics from being gay to loving cats to certain specific political views.

Netflix’s Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual Review Does Not Contain Spoilers

Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual: A Perfect Treat for Stand-up Comedy Fans

Joel Kim Booster is fresh off the boat with success from screenwriting and starring in his latest Hulu film titled Fire Island, which is a modern, queer take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The LA-based comedian is also a part of the upcoming Apple TV+ release titled Loot. Psychosexual is a three-act show that includes a self-aware segment as well as a self-deprecating segment (like most artists) along with exceptionally well-done crowd work.

When Kim Booster walks on stage, he charms the audience with his first hit-wonder on Boise followed by gay jokes. Being a South-Korean raised by adoptive parents picks up on the nuances of the Asian culture and how it has affected and influenced him as he got older. He has sharp yet sympathizing takes on Asian women dealing with racism within their own culture. And, although it is a thin ice sheet to walk on, Booster manages to perfectly glide through it by ruffling a few features.

From cat cafes and debacle on if cats are better than dogs, Booster humours the crowd and the audiences sitting back at home, all through. In this Netflix Special, he drops hilarious punchlines as he establishes and talks openly about his view be it political, sexual or otherwise.

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However, the best part of Booster’s stand-up has to be his crowd work. Having watched a lot of live performances, one is always aware how crowd work is not only extremely hard to play at but, also has equal risk of backfiring at the comedian and making his entire routine come undone. Booster is intelligent and charming when it comes to crowd work and, every segment where he interacts with the audience in front of him has to be the best out of the lot.

He is easy, funny and precise with his jokes, never dragging things too long and never coming off as condescending. Throughout the show, the acts often seem to overlap with what Fire Island felt like with its own comedic elements and, in all honesty, if someone has not watched Fire Island, this stand-up is the perfect temptation to direct the person toward the 2022 film.

Booster does not even shy away from throwing his leaked nude images jokes, which is what makes his act more real and funny. Even though you might not relate to all of his jokes and banter, you will understand and respect it and, it is honestly a rarity in today’s world.

Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual: Final Verdict

Overall, Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual lands perfectly on its first take. Joel Kim Booster is a talented young man and it is heartwarming to see him finally get the recognition he deserves and the community he represents. But, it is all the more impressive to see him make the perfect use of this opportunity to present his old and new fans with a performance that is light and enjoyable.

Yes, there are moments and jokes that are under-progress and, at times don’t exactly align with the entire routine the star is putting forward. Irrespective of that, the 67-minute journey never bores you or throws you off. It is a must-stream and, hopefully, Joel Kim Booster will get similar projects and opportunities because the world really needs comedians in this day and age.

You can watch Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual now on Netflix.

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Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual is a funny and goofy ride to be on.

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Joel Kim Booster Psychosexual Review: Funny, Intelligent and PreciseJoel Kim Booster Psychosexual is a funny and goofy ride to be on.