Jivan Sandhya (2021) Review: A Bit Messy

Jivan Sandhya is a drama film directed by Deepak Prabhakar Mandade and starring Ashok Saraf, Kishori Shahane Vij, and Sameer Dharmadhikari, alongside other cast members. The movie is 137 minutes long.

Amazon Prime Video describes the movie as:

Jivan Sandhya is a emotional journey that explores the life of two widowed people who find love in their 60’s and get married against their family’s wishes.

– Jivan Sandhya review does not contain spoilers –

Jivan Sandhya is a movie about love, a relationship that blossoms between two elderly people. The movie starts off in the present and goes back to when the two’s relationship had started off. It’s a pretty known format, so nothing new there. However, the relationship between the two is quite sweet. A bit too sweet, if you’re not into that sort of thing.

There are various subplots that we also get to see, including Jeevan’s relationship with his son and daughter-in-law, and the latter’s relationship with each other. The movie also deals with the loneliness that comes with growing old and the taboo associated with finding love when you’re over a certain age. Sandhya and Jeevan’s relationship starts off rather fast, but there’s a certain charm and sincerity to it that is infectious.

Jeevan and Sandhya’s relationship grows in between their everyday familial responsibilities. As in every love story, Jivan Sandhya has montages of their relationship where we see them being cutesy and lovey-dovey and how they get over society’s pressures.

So, listen, Jivan Sandhya is a sweet movie and I get the sentiment. But at 2 hours 17 minutes, it’s a bit too long. The sentiment is there and you want the protagonists to end up together since their relationship is based on a lot of trust, empathy and, somewhere down the line, loneliness. You need that companionship when everyone around you has their own lives and you are left alone.

However, I feel like the movie could’ve cut a lot of points out to make it a tighter and shorter watch. Alas, there are just so many scenes that just pad the runtime. It’s also a slow watch but packed with drama. The drama gets so cheesy after a point that it feels awkward to watch.

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The movie tries to force horrible situations down the throats of these old people. It’s wondrous to see how Ankur becomes an absolute d-ck when it comes to his father’s happiness. On the other hand, he was totally ok with keeping Pratibha at home to take care of his father. So, then either Ankur never was a good person or his motivations are all over the place. The only good character is Pratibha, and I’m thankful for her.

That being said, there’s a scene towards the end of Jivan Sandhya that is just so inappropriate and gets into catfishing territory. It also amps up the drama to monumental heights which will definitely make you check the clock after a while. You just feel heartbroken for poor Sandhya who just has to go through absolute shit throughout the movie, which then ends abruptly.

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Ashok Saraf and Kishori Shahane look so sweet together! They play their characters well, but the sheer length of the movie makes it annoying after a while. Ruchita Jadhav and Sameer Dharmadhikari are fine too in their characters. You’ll hate Dharmadhikari for being such an arrogant a-hole. You will also feel sad for Sandhya by the end of it.

Summing up: Jivan Sandhya

Jivan Sandhya is a sweet love story with a lot of social commentaries. However, the sheer length of the movie makes it a bit too dramatic after a while. That being said, it’s sweet regardless albeit a slow watch. The movie could’ve really been something impactful, unfortunately, the extreme drama pushes it back to the “meldramatic love story” category.

Jivan Sandhya is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Jivan Sandhya is has a sweet concept, but drowns in melodrama to make any impact.


  1. I don’t agree with the 2/5 stars given to movie. It seems that author has not understood the intricacies in the movie. It should be rated at least >4.5 oit of 5.

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Jivan Sandhya (2021) Review: A Bit MessyJivan Sandhya is has a sweet concept, but drowns in melodrama to make any impact.