Jim Jefferies: Intolerant Review: An Intolerable Standup!

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Netflix recently released another comedy special with Jim Jefferies titled Jim Jefferies: Intolerant. It is the comedian’s fourth original stand-up special for Netflix and it won’t be wrong to say that it is not a dream collaboration redone. It is intolerable and the question is does he sh*t himself? Well, yes he does.

Jim Jefferies: Intolerant of Everything and Everyone!

Here’s a thing about millennials, you’re the worst people to ever exist– Jim Jefferies

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The main theme of the stand-up is Jim Jefferies’ food problem — he’s lactose intolerant, yes. He ironically tells the audience that cheese and ice cream happen to be one of his favourites, meaning he’s legit f*cked.

The initial part of the standup made me think that Jefferies is commenting on homophobic and transphobic rural citizens is a subtle way (people like his father). He even manages to slightly do that by balancing jokes in the same context.

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Jefferies explains to his audience a date he went on at a fancy, Michelin-star restaurant, for the entire long routine but the question he keeps as suspense till the very end is — did Jim Jefferies sh*t himself at the end of the date? It changes from talking about the date to calling Italian-American c*nts for their accent for a huge part of the set real quick!

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For almost the whole set the 42-years old comedian successfully rants about people – for being millennials, for being woke, for being allergic to peanuts, for being French, for calling cheese Fromage and for a number of reasons that keep getting weird.

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It’s still all okay and understandable till the time you try to add misogynist jokes and be equally proud of them! And criticize the audiences for pointing you out. Well, Jim, if you made a misogynist joke years back it’ll still be a misogynist joke no matter how you portray it. Yes, people are oversensitive on jokes because it is wrong.

Stream It or Skip It

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SKIP IT! Jim Jefferies: Intolerant also manages to validate fat-shaming saying that to fat-shame people is to force them to stay fit (Whaaaaa..t!!) Jefferies tried to convince people with his not-so-good set this time and you might as well just not watch it. The only thing you can take away from this standup is the ease with which he switches between his jokes.

Jim Jefferies : Intolerant is streaming now on Netflix

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Jim Jefferies: Intolerant is his fourth original stand-up special for Netflix and it is not a dream collaboration redone!


  1. I don’t know what happened to Jim Jefferies….. His 2009 show was by far the best. It was witty and raw. The Nashville show was good although only had some peaks with mostly valleys….. This was literally a 30min poop joke I’ve heard better from 14 year olds, then he finished with a story that didn’t even have a punchline. He also characterized millennials how they were characterized in the media about 5-7 yrs ago. Never heard that one before. SMH. For having such an intelligently funny yet thought-provoking TV show on comedy central, this was hard to watch. He either get needs to get back on the sauce/drugs or get new writers. Sheesh

  2. You just proved you don’t like stories/jokes written both ways. Jim specifically details how 9 to 5 is great (which it is), and calls out the double-standard story-telling. The concept of freedom of speech seems to be lost on you, you’re literally the poison of the world. And not because you’re woman, but because you’re intolerant of jokes you deem ‘unkind’. Who made you the authority on what’s acceptable or not? I don’t like certain jokes, but I’ll be damned if I attempt to insinuate what is or isn’t acceptable. You should learn a little bit of true tolerance. Which is, being tolerant of even the most intolerant people or subjects. True free speech is allowed even if it is the ugliest kind by whatever metric you base that on. And all the people’s insensitivity just show the greatest of character flaws – a human being that bases their meaning or importance off of what other people say. People like you are a scourge on the level of the KKK, Antifa, Authoritarians, Dictators, and Neo-Nazis.

  3. I loved it! Yoou must be one of those millenial cunts that is too pussy to hear the truth! Yes fat people should drop weight!! You must also be a fat cunt!

  4. I don’t think his core audience is middle Eastern women with no sense of humour.

    Maybe someone else should have reviewed it.

    Nice your family put a good comment though.

  5. Thought it was going to be a show that would include some proper criticism of millennial’s lack of sensitivity and strategic outreach towards older generations, but it’s just a show of how much of a manflake he’s turned into that he, like many other Xoomer and Boomer comedians can no longer take proper criticism and that his critics are as bad or worst than Nazis for daring to call him and every other wanker for being a wanker.

    Like Chappelle, he’s now old news and we should take his advice and just forget he exists and wait for him die of old age.


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