Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster (2021) Review: Let’s Laugh at the Hot Mess 2021 Was!

Netflix’s Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster is the 2021 comedy special by the streaming giant that gives us an opportunity to laugh at the tragic but hot mess the year 2021 was. Written, directed and starring the comedian himself, Jim Gaffigan, this special will put you on a laughing riot train. The only question, however, is are you ready? The show has a runtime time which is a little more than one hour.

– Netflix’s Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster review does not contain spoilers –

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster: Watch the World Through Jim’s Eyes

Stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer Jim Gaffigan is back on Netflix with another comedy show. The comedian is a 6-time Grammy nominee (Best Comedy Album) and America’s most prolific comedy everyman. Prior to this, Gaffigan has other Netflix specials available, such as Mr. Universe, Obsessed and Cinco, which belong to Gaffigan’s Best Comedy Album award collection. The other specials that are present on Netflix include King Baby and Beyond the Pale. Apart from this, Jim Gaffigan has co-created and starred in a TV Land television series based on his life titled The Jim Gaffigan Show.

Jim Gaffigan waits no time to get head on to the hot topic of the pandemic, how we almost thought it was over but, then not quite so. He draws parallels between human nature and feelings during the pandemic to other things, delivering probably one of the most iconic dialogues during the show that notes that the pandemic felt similar to a Television program that was supposed to be cancelled before being scooped up by Netflix.

Starting from topics of parenting to women and his wife to rich accountants and billionaires in space, Jim Gaffigan throws darts at everything relevant in today’s world and if you can connect the dots, the show becomes more hilarious as it progresses deeper. Our comedian in question has an aversion for swearing and is more entertaining than giving off the feeling of a social activist or philosopher. This trait is very unlike other comedians we usually get to encounter during these specials starting from Daniel Sloss to Dave Chapelle to Russell Howard. Being different works as a double-edged sword for the comedian as he comes either as funny or indifferent and offensive, depending on the kind of people surrounding him.

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In all honesty, though, it takes a lot of charisma and actually funny jokes to make people laugh without resorting to vulgarity- a rare occurrence, obviously. All his acts and especially this one- Comedy Monster really make you enjoy every bit of the show be it the straightforward jokes on cyclists and gymnasts or the triggering ones about a billionaire going to space (well, you know who we are talking about.)

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster: Final Verdict

Jim Gaffigan has observant humour and is down-to-earth even in his acts. It isn’t a surprise to acknowledge the fact that he has been a Grammy nominee because he is just that good. And, there is no one who will ever forget Gaffigan’s ‘Hot Pocket’ act which is probably one of the most laughable comedy pieces out there. Thus, this Netflix special is a must-watch. If you are someone who is new to this comedian’s style, the universal advice would be to stick around for a while and it will surely impress you!

The 2021 comedy special Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster premiered on 21st December and is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster gives you tons of things to laugh at once again!

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Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster (2021) Review: Let’s Laugh at the Hot Mess 2021 Was!Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster gives you tons of things to laugh at once again!