ITZY Releases Crazy In Love And ‘LOCO’ Music Video – It’s Worth Your Time!

The k-pop girl band ITZY has finally revealed their most anticipated release. For the past few weeks, the members took over their Instagram page to give the audience snippets of their first full-length album ‘Crazy In Love’. The girl band painted their social media with bright colours and cool concept photographs teasing the viewers.

However, the wait is over now because ITZY has finally unveiled the much-awaited album with energetic dance moves and bright, neon pops. Let us have a look!

ITZY: LOCO Music Video

Premiering on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, ‘LOCO’ is going to serve as the title track for the new album. The band teased us with a small teaser for the track not very many days back.

The song is written and composed by South Korean production group Galactika, who worked with the girl band on their 2020 hit single ‘Wannabe’. The new song was accompanied by a zestful music video which serves as the perfect opening for the band’s first full-length album ‘Crazy In Love’.

– The Music Video –

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The music video opens with a person playing a video game when he receives a call from a caller titled ‘LOCO’, thereafter the screen shifts to show the five members inside a studio, dressed in hot pink clothes serving us their brilliant dance moves on a platter. This particular snippet of the music video has even gone viral on Twitter moments after its release.

The rest of the video gives a bigger picture of the tone the teaser set.

Ryujin is glittering in her black dress wearing danglers and sunglasses. Yuna is inside a jail with candy-coloured bars, trapped with a humongous soft toy and pops up the “Born To Love Ya” ballon with a wink. Lia’s all-white outfit from the teaser transitions many times as she is presumably inside a walk-in closet surrounded by shopping bags.

Chaeryeong, who is sitting on a big black box that reads ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’, unwraps it in regards to offering their album to the audience. Yeji retains her catty vibes from the teaser to the music video and looks absolutely adorable.

ITZY is beautiful and energetic in their new music video. Even the hook step for the song that the members perform every time the chorus hits is reminiscent of a queen wearing a crown, flaunting empowerment.

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ITZY: ‘Crazy In Love’ Tracks

The new album, ‘Crazy in Love’, is made up of 10 brand-new songs, including ‘LOCO’ that is available in both Korean and English-language. Additionally, the album also has instrumental versions of every ITZY-single to date.

Apart from that, ‘SWIPE’ is the b-sidetrack in the album will also get a music video release. The release date for the ‘SWIPE’ music video is September 27, 2021. Ahead of the album’s release, the band is all set to perform their new album at The Kelly Clarkson show on 27th September.

To pre-order Crazy in Love, click here.

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