Its Not You Its Me Review: An Unforgettable Trip Down The Ex Lane!

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Its Not You Its Me released on 27th March 2021. Written and directed by Sean King, the 86=minute long film stars Anna Greene, Bec Doyle, Jeff Friedman, Cherish Holland, Indi Rossi, Michaella Russell, Audra Van Hees, Max Raines, Morgan Hunt, Angela Smeraldi, Paige Michelet, Sean Neil, Jenia Ogneva, and Shahsaan Malik alongside other cast members.

Things Fall Apart!

Its Not You Its Me revolves around the life of a seemingly nice man named Jason. His life falls apart as he catches his girlfriend cheating on him with a former roommate on the same day he was planning to propose to her. With literally zero remorse, her girlfriend Melissa plays the famous breakup card Its Not You Its Me and breaks up leading Jason to rethink everything. But Jason is a blind lover as he still wishes to get her back and forgive her despite her confession to having multiple affairs.

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It is here that his work friend Veronica, who also happens to be close to him, enters the room to pull him out of the ditch of broken heart misery and advises Jason to talk to all his exes about his shortcoming and well, work on them. As the story continues Jason pays a visit to all exes and talks to them.

Every ex of his is on a different path of life altogether now and it is in this escapade that he also gets lucky several times. But at the same time, he is also faced with the idea of broken relationships, his shortcoming, and more. Did I mention that Veronica loves Jason and it has been like that for 2 years now and she hasn’t confessed that to him?

Its Not You Its Me
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Its Not You Its Me is the remake of the Spanish film of the same title “No sos vos, soy yo” and traces a man’s journey to self-discovery but the problem here is that every woman here seems to be in distress after breaking up with him either emotionally, physically, or mentally. Considering the fact that Jason established himself in his field and all his exes are either Cam models or surfer or randomly into BDSM (one of his exes even pegs him without his permission, wtf). The concept of consent seems to have vanished from the minds of his ex’s and it weird.

One of the IMDB reviewers said, “DO YOURSELF a HUGE favor and watch the SPANISH version, it’s AWESOME, and don’t waste your time with this 2021 crap.” While I have not seen the Spanish version of the film, I am pretty sure if that is on the exact same lines as this then that it is average too. By the end of the film, Jason calls Veronica just a work friend in front of Melissa, she is hurt and offended and leaves. But we are not told exactly where does she go or anything like that, it is all vaguely written and there are some glaring loopholes in the film, making it messy by the end.

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The film’s cast and storyline had the potential to be something very self-aware and well chalked out but it loses itself in moments of sex and idiocrasy leaving no impact on Jason or the viewers!

Stream It or Skip It

Its Not You Its Me

SKIP IT! Its Not You Its Me sounds appealing because of its name but underneath, it is nothing very substantial or convincing. It is forgettable and you have hundreds of other things to watch.

Its Not You Its Me is now available on Video On Demand.

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Its Not You Its Me popularly means it's always you and never me but looks as if the tables have turned this time. In this breakup and journey down the exes line, things are different!


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