Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend Review: Delicious, Delicious Food!

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is a reality cooking TV series which is a reboot of the American version of Iron Chef, which is a reboot of the 1993 Japanese reality TV show of the same name. The series features Alton Brown and Kristen Kish, along with “Chairman” Mark Dacascos. The judges include Nilou Motamed, Andrew Zimmern and a new celebrity judge in every episode.

Netflix describes the series as:

Iron Chef is back! In this next-level cooking competition, culinary stars compete to enter an epic finale and vie for the title of Iron Legend.

– Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend review does not contain spoilers –

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is a high-octane show. As with all reality cooking shows that takes its cooking seriously, the reboot of the 1993 Japanese and then 2004 American shows by the same name is extremely to-the-point and factual and doesn’t waste its time with too much chitchat.

From the first moment, you know that the contestants, hosts and judges are here for a singular purpose – to make some great food in a neck-to-neck competition. If you’re someone who likes a little fun in their reality shows, there’s very little of that here. However, for those who love being on the edge with some heavy competition and mouth-watering food on-screen, this is the perfect place to be.

Iron Chef

Iron Chef is a great watch. There are some unique concepts that you get to watch because these are chefs who know what they are doing and are all fantastic in what they do. So, watching the episodes provides a very real sort of satisfaction because you know that at the end of it, things are going to come out perfectly, regardless of who wins.

Each episode is unique with its ingredients and what they want the chefs to do with them. However, at around 45-50 minutes each episode, it gets a bit much. It’s not exactly boring, but personally, I like my reality tv show to be quick, entertaining and satisfying. The pacing is great though, so it doesn’t get sluggish at any point and you’ll have fun watching the chefs running around making extraordinary things!

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Iron Chef

Iron Chef 2022 also has “Chairman” Mark Dacascos being entertaining as heck. The hosts are delightful as well and are quite funny most of the time, cutting through the intensity in the kitchen and balancing the viewing experience. The first episode has Dacascos jumping out and showing off his martial art skills, which is quite shocking and entertaining and extremely melodramatic!

I think the serious and jokey balance that the series has going for it is rather delightful. Netflix shows these days are usually very jokey but this one nails that thin line where it has humour but you still sense the tense atmosphere all around.

Plus, the food! The food just looks so delicious that you can’t help but salivate. As the food and dishes change in every episode, you can’t help but get hunger pangs throughout. Also, this isn’t just a cooking show without emotions. These cooks put as much of their brains into their dishes as they do their hearts and culture. Every dish comes from a place of experience and has a story to tell which makes each episode unique.

Summing up: Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

Iron Chef

Iron Chef 2022 is a fun watch but truthfully, it doesn’t do anything very new in the kitchen. It’s fun and serious in all the right ways but doesn’t overdo either. There’s a lot of flavours and cultures to figure out through these incredible dishes but at around 50 minutes per episode, it’s a long watch for food you aren’t going to get to eat.

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is streaming on Netflix.

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