Introspectum Motel Review: Sex, Skin, Nudity and Revenge

Introspectum Motel is a revenge thriller film directed by Marcel Dorian and stars Joseph Steyne, Marcel Dorian, Michelle J. Wright and Gabriela Brinza, alongside other cast members.

[This review contains spoilers]

Phillipe has been to the Orpheus Motel several times, it seems. The man knows all the employees there and everyone, at least the desk manager, Nina, seems to know him well enough to give him a twirl and ask him how everything looks. He, however, married man that he is, turns around and asks her out for a drink – as a friend, of course. Nina, thank god, turns him down.

Anyway, he meets Paul later on who promptly asks him to go out to town with him and “have some fun”. Although Phillipe refuses, he quickly starts talking about the breasts of the previous receptionist, whose name he does not remember, and that they had a hookup once. These are model men, the ones we dream to call husbands.

That is solidified more when you realise that Phillipe is there to meet his mistress and goes to the extent of telling her that he’s falling for her. Atleast she has to sense to say that this should be kept casual and light.

However, things take a very swift turn in Introspectum Motel and it’s a twist I did not see coming. After that point though, the movie is mostly a lot of dialogues and a lot of sex. There are so many sex scenes that it becomes a little uncomfortable after a while, not to mention the last one is lowkey difficult to watch. If you’re sitting around with family and thinking of watching this, I’d tell you not to.

That being said, story-wise Introspectum Motel is good enough. There are a lot of things that didn’t add up and I’ll get into a bit of spoiler here. First of all, why would you punish one of the cheaters and not the other one? The blatant favouritism towards Camille, although she did the exact same thing as Phillipe, is off-putting. I’m not saying go out and torture your cheating partners; leaving is an easier option. However, why this then. Additionally, Paul and Camille’s trajectory seemed a little strange. And lastly, Phillipe and Susan apparently were the result of cheating spouses, in addition to Susan cheating on Phillipe as well. So, what’s with the hypocrisy?

These plot holes make the ending of Introspectum Motel very confusing for me. However, that being said, this indie movie, with its minimal budget, is a fun watch with friends if you want a revenge thriller with a lot of skin and nudity. The performances by the cast are also pretty good; I especially liked Michelle J. Wright as Susan. She played the role of the crazed wife pretty well.

Summing up: Introspectum Motel

Introspectum Motel

Introspectum Motel is a very good-looking and well-shot movie with some glaring plot holes. There are some pacing issues in the middle as well and makes for a good watch on a silly movie night with friends. However, don’t expect it to be anything like The Invisible Man. It’s not that kind of a film.

Oh, and the lesson that comes out of this is: if your partner cheats on their significant other to be with you, rest assured they will cheat on you with someone else as well. Thus, don’t cheat and don’t be with someone who does either.

Watch Introspectum Motel here.

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Introspectum Motel is a fun watch if you don't have too many expectations and are looking for some graphic sex scenes.
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