Into the Wind (2022) Review: Sonia Mietielica, Jakub Sasak Movie is Warm and Watchable

Into the Wind, or Pod Wiatr, is a teen drama movie directed by Kristoffer Rus and stars Sonia Mietielica, Jakub Sasak, and Marcin Perchuć, alongside other cast members. The film has a runtime of 108 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

Waves, sunshine and passion await when a privileged teenage girl experiences first love with a free-spirited kitesurfing instructor at a seaside resort.

– Into the Wind review does not contain spoilers –

The fact that Into the Wind is a teen drama movie should tell you a lot about what to expect. A bit after this movie starts, it kind of reminds you of Dirty Dancing, but with surfing. A young woman full of untapped potential, her family’s rich friends at the same hotel and a summer romance with one of the workers of said hotel. Of course, there is underlying tension and of course, there is the angle of growing up and being sure of what you want.

into the wind

Does that make Pod Wiatr boring or repetitive? Not really. The movie is quite interesting. It looks absolutely beautiful, first and foremost. That’s somewhat expected but still appreciated. The colours are rich and the scenes are bathed in bright and warm sunlight. It almost made me feel like I am at the beach enjoying a nice sunny day. The vibes will definitely put you in a good mood.

Coming to the story, Into the Wind is a decent drama. You know what will happen by the end so it never really comes as a surprise but either way, it’s fun to watch. However, there are certain scenes that are just so long and happen over several minutes for no reason. These are moments when Ania comes to terms with her life and the reality around her. Overall, the movie is slow-paced and doesn’t really ever get very high octane.

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into the wind

The romance between our leads, Ania and Michal, is expected. But in the confines of the dream-like movie’s world, it’s, well, dreamy. As I said, the movie’s slow. The romance, too, takes time to actualise although the flirting happens from minute one. Of course, there are problems in the road and secrets left to come to the surface that the characters have to come to terms with. You question what these are since they are heavily hinted at from the first. The answers come later and some might not be that interesting, but it adds to the mystery regardless.

I think Into the Wild is heartwarming. It’s nothing special, there are no shocking twists and turns that will move you to your core. However, there’s something very warm and relatable about the story. Maybe it’s the vulnerability of the cast themselves – there’s a sincerity in Sonia Mietielica’s eyes that will keep you glued to her. This is a woman who is going through a lot and how she tides over those obstacles might not be mind-blowing, but they are surely heartwarming.

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into the wind

The main conflicts arise from Ania and her father and from Ania and Michal. And by conflict, I don’t mean verbal spats. It’s more quiet conversations that make a lot of sense. Is that something that you want to see in movies or people tearing their hair out? That’s up to you. But, these conflicts are tender moments and will warm your heart. I liked how differences were solved by communicating and not trying to murder each other – a refreshing change indeed.

In the end, Into the Wind solves its problems very easily, but honestly, it’s ok. I am ok with watching a light-hearted movie that doesn’t get too deep or take itself too seriously. It’s fun and heartwarming and the songs are great. The relationship between the characters is always positive and although most of the characters are not fleshed out properly, it’s still not too bad.

Summing up: Into the Wind

into the wind

Into the Wind is a calm look at relationships, both romantic and familial. It’s a nice change of pace from other teen dramas. Although the story is something we can guess from a mile away, it’s still a decent watch and has some really sweet moments that will stay with you even after the movie.

Into the Wind is streaming on Netflix.

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Into the Wind is a light watch that doesn't have a lot of innovation but is still a warm and fun watch.


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Into the Wind is a light watch that doesn't have a lot of innovation but is still a warm and fun watch.Into the Wind (2022) Review: Sonia Mietielica, Jakub Sasak Movie is Warm and Watchable