Intimacy Review: 4 Women, 4 Lives and The Cycle Of Guilt

Intimacy (Intimidad) is a Spanish political drama series released on Netflix globally on 10 June 2022. It is a story about the image we choose to project and its mismatch with the reality, that questions what’s public and what’s a private matter. The series is created by Verónica Fernández and Laura Sarmiento. Produced by Txintxua Films and directed by Jorge Torregrossa (Elite), Ben Gutteridge, Marta Font, and Koldo Almandoz.

The cast of Intimacy includes Itziar Ituño (La Casa de Papel) as Malen Zubiri, Emma Suárez as Miren, Patricia López Arnaiz as Bego, Verónica Echegui as Ane, Ana Wagener as Alicia and Yune Nogueiras as Leire. There are total of 8 episodes in the series with a runtime of about 50 minutes each.

Netflix describes the series as:

“A rising politician’s career is threatened when a surreptitiously recorded video of her sex life is leaked to the public.”

-Intimacy Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Plot: Four Women Tangled Together

The series starts off with a grim intro, as we see a woman moving toward the deep water as she asks the viewers – Have you trusted anyone too much? In our minds, we think of all the people and the bad things that might have happened to us because we trusted the wrong person. With such foreboding, the woman soon lies lifeless on the water’s surface. Who turns out to be Ane (Verónica Echegui), whose nude photos and videos were circulated at her workplace whose consequences led her to take this step.

Intimacy series Bego and Ane

Parallelly, we are introduced to Malen Zubiri, who is the deputy mayor of Bilbao and soon to be declared the candidate for the mayor seat. However, one day her sex tape with an unidentified man is released on social media which puts her career and image in a setback. Malen seems unperturbed by it and wants to get along with her life and career as usual, but the world thinks otherwise.

After the leak, detective Alicia also comes into the picture who is investigating Ane’s case as well and wants Malen to report the case, which will set an example for other revenge porn victims to come forward to report. After Ane’s death, her sister Bego was shocked to hear what her sister was going through and decides to seek justice through Malen as well. Meanwhile, Malen’s daughter Leire is going through something as well, which intertwines the four ladies in similar situations. Will Ane’s harasser gets caught or if Malen will report the case that might end her political career?

Guilt Of A Victim

The series unfolds in a manner that resembles the stages of guilt that one goes through. Be it Malen or Bego, they both initially deny what has happened to them. Malen wants to look like she can’t be torn down through such dirty political tactics against her and Bego cannot believe that the person she was closest to was actually far from being known. That leads to anger towards oneself, the world and everything, that why does it have to happen to them.

They think they could have avoided it and go through various simulations in their minds that they could have done things differently. Then resort to the bargain that they actually deserved it for all the sins that they have done in their life. That’s when depression sets in and getting out of your own head becomes difficult. Some end up like Ane and some try to avoid everything until they break down like Malen.


The message that the series Intimacy gives is that often in criminal cases the victim is blamed and bears its consequences, whereas, we should say ‘you are a victim, it’s not your fault’. The psyche and what the characters are feeling are portrayed through the use of various imagery like water bodies. When the character is in turmoil they often jump into water where everything seems calm and standstill except for them.

Even when Malen is about to be demoted from her candidacy, the scene of her walking through the glass bridge between buildings is really powerful and has a double impact when she walks back to claim her chair. Same in the case of Alicia when she is at the end of solving the case, the building composition around her is in complete symmetry as if everything falling into place.

Final Thoughts: Stream It Or Skip It?

Intimacy (Intimidad) series on Netflix is a thought-provoking series which delivers its intended message like well-written prose. Throughout the series, we are directed by Ane’s voice as she aptly addresses what the characters are thinking about or maybe she also went through the same process and that’s her thoughts floating around. This is later followed by Malen, Leire and Alicia’s voices as they break through from their prison of shame and guilt.

It is a well-paced series that knows how to guide its audience through the plot. It talks about various issues like what’s public and private in the age of technology where the virtual version of ourselves doesn’t match up with reality. And emphasises the power of your decisions that will shape your life in the way you want to.

Intimacy is streaming on Netflix.

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Intimacy is a political drama series on Netflix, which follows the story of Deputy Mayor Malen Zubiri who becomes a victim of revenge porn and other women in a similar situation.

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Intimacy Review: 4 Women, 4 Lives and The Cycle Of GuiltIntimacy is a political drama series on Netflix, which follows the story of Deputy Mayor Malen Zubiri who becomes a victim of revenge porn and other women in a similar situation.