Indori Ishq Season 1 Review: An Engaging Story of First Love

Streaming on MX Player, Indori Ishq season 1 is a classic tale of love and betrayal told in an engaging and relatable way. It is a show that revolves around the romance between two young people who met in high school.

The show is predictable at almost all times but what will make you want to sit through it is that how director Samit Kakkad has been extremely clear about everything by breaking the fourth wall and making the protagonist, Kunal, played by Ritvik Sahore, talk directly to the audience.

First Love and Relationships

Indori Ishq season 1 begins with a wretched Kunal who narrates his life to his broker Reshma, played by Donna Munshi, who is also a prostitute. The show keeps on travelling from the past to the present. It begins with Kunal falling head over heels for a girl in his school named Tara, played by Vedika Bhandari. After building up lots and lots of courage he finally proposes to her. Much to his surprise, Tara tells him that she loves him too.

Indori Ishq season 1 Kunal and Tara fall for each other.
Indori Ishq Season 1 Review: An Engaging Story of First Love 4

All of those who have fallen in love at least once would know what it feels like to find out that the person whom you love, loves you back. Everything feels ecstatic as if you are on Cloud 9. Ritvik goes through the same feeling until his time comes to depart from the city and move to Mumbai to get into the Naval College.

A small city boy moving to a big city takes some time to get accustomed to the modern culture. One of the biggest overused ways of expressing modernity is by alcohol, drugs, and sex and Kakkad did not choose to be subtle about it either in Indori Ishq.

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The Inevitable Heartbreak

Long-distance relationships are hard especially if you are someone who just finished school with overwhelmed emotions. This distance pushes Tara and Kunal apart, who becomes heartbroken and self-destructive when Tara cheats on him and dumps him.

The news turns Kunal’s life upside down, pushing him to an extreme end of pain and sadness, so much so that he even loses his self-respect by trying to overlook the infidelity. From drinking and smoking to doing drugs, Kunal indulges in everything that he used to resent before.

Indori Ishq season 1 Kunal starts drinking
Indori Ishq Season 1 Review: An Engaging Story of First Love 5

“There’s a difference between love and infatuation” is something a lot of us have heard. Though it is true, there is a difference, it still feels like you are continuously walking barefoot on legos. Even when he becomes miserable and hits rock bottom, Kunal is surrounded by his friends Reshma, Hari (Dheer Hira), Mahesh (Aashay Kulkarni), and Kamna (Tithi Raaj). They support him and guide him through his rough times.

Indori Ishq depicts a common feeling of betrayal in a way that might seem like a cliche for this genre. yet you will always find yourself clicking on the next button immediately. Samit Kakkad superbly uses colour and lighting. The cinematography is applaudable but the show falls short with a substandard screenplay and poor dialogue delivery and acting. One of the most appreciable things about this show is the conversations between Kunal and Reshma. Both share their sorrows about their unrequited love. Indori Ishq season 1 portrays the different rules of love and commitment that different genders go through.

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Indori Ishq season 1 Mahesh helps Kunal
Indori Ishq Season 1 Review: An Engaging Story of First Love 6

However, that being said, the love story of Kunal feels too dragged in the nine episodes of Indori Ishq. There are times when the plotline seems too ridiculous and strays away from the show.

Overall Indori Ishq season 1 is a binge-worthy show, especially if you are into romantic comedies. It opens up a debate about consent, relationships, and the feeling of a never-ending pain which many young people go through when their first love leads to their destruction. It portrays friendships and bonds with people you would never expect and a life lesson for those who are going through the same.

Indori Ishq is streaming on MX Player.

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Indori Ishq season 1 is a tale about unrecruited love and heartbreak. It's mostly cliched, but is still mostly engaging.

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