In Good Hands Review: Asli Enver in a Twisted Turkish Love Story

In Good Hands (Sen Yaşamaya Bak) is a Turkish romantic drama film released exclusively on Netflix on March 21, 2022. The film is directed by Ketche, written by Hakan Bonomo and starring Asli Enver, Kaan Urgancioglu and Mert Ege Ak. The film has audio and subtitles both in English and Turkish, with a runtime of 1 hour 45 minutes.

Netflix synopsis reads as:

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, a single mother encounters a suave bachelor as she grapples with the future of her headstrong six-year-old.

-In Good Hands Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers –

In Good Hands: a Turkish love story with a twist

Melisa (Asli Enver) is a single mother who lives a monotonous yet happy life with her son, Can. But it turns out she is sick & has only five months to live. On one hand, she has this tight-knit, it’s just us against the world kind of relationship with her son. But on the other hand, she is worried about leaving him alone after her death. That’s when Melisa comes across Firat (Kaan Urgancioglu). Although, they don’t get along well at first encounter but soon both fall in love with their contrary personalities. Until… Can’s dead father turns out to be alive.

What does it mean?: Vivid dreams & Puzzle Pieces

One distinctive image of Melissa at the beach is creatively used to show how she feels in contrast to her reality. She looks calm & keeps on moving forward in the water. It could mean that Melisa is getting ready for her death & living one day at a time. Yet the future is unknown & she doesn’t know when the shallow water will end & her body will be engulfed by the deep ocean.

Just like the ocean, In Good Hands‘s vivid dreams are a recurrent thing for Melisa. She saw the first dream when she met Firat. It somehow is related to the puzzle painting where one piece is missing. She dreams of the missing piece in her hand & various pieces floating over her son’s bed. Does this painting have a hidden meaning or is Firat the missing piece in her life? Is it a sign that Firat is the one to that she can entrust her son?

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Melissa, Firat & Can in a tent.

Another peculiar thing in the film is the room full of toilet paper. Whenever Melisa & Can go out they come back with toilet paper & store it on the shelf full of toilet rolls that could last atleast a year. The reason? Honestly, when the reason was revealed, I could only think of the memes where the dad goes out to buy milk but never comes back. So, you can imagine it is along the same lines.

In Good Hands: Final Thoughts

In Good Hands (Sen Yaşamaya Bak) is a new addition to Netflix and a much-awaited foreign film. Although, in the first half the film feels a bit random, especially the sound score. The only question in my mind was if you are going to die in 5 months then looking for a love prospect just to look after your son seems a bit unreasonable. It feels torturous for the partner to bid someone goodbye forever after barely knowing for 5 months.

But as we head towards the second half of the film the story seems to connect like a puzzle coming together. We get the answers to all our questions & get to understand the world that Melisa created for her & Can.

Main Cast Asli Enver& Kaan Urgancioglu

The film is your typical romantic comedy with a spoonful of drama & tears. Although dealing with a sensitive subject of death, it doesn’t become an absolute tear-jerker even at the end. In Good Hands is a film that you can watch casually without much expectation & a bit of patience. Let us know what you think about the film in the comments below.

In Good Hands is now streaming on Netflix.

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Melissa, a single mother is looking for someone to whom she can leave her son, in good hands.


  1. Loved it, well done, masterful acting, original story o a common occurrence – single mothers.
    Its a 5*- *****. Life is unexpected. Had she not seen him would she have brought him into his life? Maybe not. Her reasons unfold beautifully. Life, happens, unexpectedly. Beautiful chemistry. All emotions are honored, respected. Wonderful script. Little Can – so cute.

  2. Amazing movie – but the end was very sad , I couldn’t stopped my tears from falling.
    The actress who portrays the main character Melisa – wow , she is an amazing actress and she was doing it so naturally and professional.
    I was already looking for more of her projects to enjoy these amazing acting skills. Really great.
    Also love the little child – he is so cute. And the mother and son relation was so beautiful .
    Great movie

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Melissa, a single mother is looking for someone to whom she can leave her son, in good hands.In Good Hands Review: Asli Enver in a Twisted Turkish Love Story