Hype House Review: Influencers and Their Multi-Million Dollar Dreamlife

Hype House, a teen reality show on social media obsession is now out on Netflix. The series features popular social media influencers (TikTok) like Chase Hudson, Nikita Dragun, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Larray Merritt, Vinnie Hacker, Thomas Petrou, Jack Wright and Mia Hayward.

The synopsis reads, “Get an inside look at social media’s most talked-about stars as they navigate love, fame and friendship while living and creating content together.”

Netflix’s Hype House Review:

A decade ago, who would have thought that social media influencer would be a career with a huge fortune in one’s account? As consumers, we think it must be easy for these Gen Z people to dance, perform stunts or pranks, and do other fun online activities. But in the Netflix reality show Hype House based on some TikTok stars, the influencers and show creators have tried to show the other side.

Those who knew Hype House know how much fun Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, and others had together in the good old days. But as it’s focused a lot in the reality show, when Chase decided to leave the house to start his music career, things weren’t that amazing. Thomas claims that Chase hasn’t been a good friend by deciding to go solo. He finds it tough to manage the lavish California mansion’s business and Chase’s house rent.

But Thomas and Chase aren’t the only two people who are in the focus of the reality TV show. Influencer Nikita Dragun also brings the required drama to the show. She slyly brings up Chase and Thomas’ topic in front of them and others. She knows very well who can’t stand whom. Nikita’s blackfishing controversy is addressed as her best friend Larray calls her out. I believe that part is shown just for the sake of it. No one cares what one does until it puts their own fame is in jeopardy. More attention was given to another drama when she was accused of something she didn’t do.

Hype House Review: Influencers and Their Multi-Million Dollar Dreamlife

The real-life couple, Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon, are also in the limelight. We see how they succeed/fail in keeping their relationship healthy when no boundary is drawn on how much the world should see. Will Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson become good friends again? Is the show going to blow up badly and attract more controversies? You’ll find it out once you watch all 8 episodes.

When Netflix announced the show, many people took to social media to bash the digital platform. Some were mad that their favourite shows got cancelled. Some individuals wondered why there’s a show coming on people who literally make money by posting random stuff online! The creators had already anticipated such kinds of reactions. Hence, they tried to show how these young influencers living the multi-billion dreamlife had a bad and struggling life as kids.

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I would’ve taken their childhood stories seriously. But they felt very forced when the arguments and issues in the show were not always related. The internet celebrities would randomly speak of their childhood struggles to connect it with the silly high school drama inside the house! Some moments bothered me. Someone’s girlfriend says that their boyfriend is probably still like a child because of their childhood problem. I just want to say, “Girl, it is not your job to fix a grown-up man who refuses to grow up. A person cannot use their childhood as an excuse to dismiss your emotions and film everything for likes and money.”

Hype House Review: Influencers and Their Multi-Million Dollar Dreamlife

These TikTok influencers inside Hype House are also a hit on Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. While they enjoy all the money and luxury, they’re all terrified of cancel culture. The cancel culture is quite extreme. Sometimes, people don’t get a chance to explain themselves. You’ll often see these internet stars expressing their fear of cancel culture, especially Nikita.

Despite it being a show about not-rich-earlier-but-extremely-rich-now people about whom I won’t be thinking anymore, Hype House on Netflix is addictive. The way the drama unfolds and how they fight, makeup, and pretend is entertaining to watch. I believe the show is made to watch and judge some random 15-20 people without feeling guilty.

Hype House still

Hype House Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the Netflix reality series might have received hate when announced, but it will definitely boost these internet stars’ careers. These young and good-looking people have lots of obsessed fans and admirers. The fans will definitely enjoy every bit of it. I know some fans right now are fighting on Twitter over who’s right and who’s wrong between Thomas and Chase.

The show is also made in an attempt to show that fame comes with a cost. These influencers who became popular by making content say they can’t always make content. While I understand this sentiment, it’s a choice they all made. They get upset as if tragedy has struck them when their views or hype goes down. But you want to shout at them that it’s very important to take a break. Will they take a month’s break and live a secret life with mental peace? Sadly, only someone who doesn’t love the big bucks after posting videos would say yes?

The series is streaming on Netflix.

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Hype House Review: Netflix gives a chance to wear your 'judgemental pants' and watch the problems of wealthy TikTok stars.


  1. This show is horrible it’s so cringe people don’t care about y’all bs fake stuff y’all would be no one without Addison Rae , Larry, ig nitikka and Charlie , a bunch of 20 year old man doing sus stuff always getting into trouble getting canceled every day ( also I would like to note Charlie baby girl u only got famous for stealing someone dance and claiming it was yours.. anyways don’t wacth this show only if u want a head ache also @netflix y’all are dumb for letting them have a show worry about cobra kai or outter banks y’all are giving un talented people a platform that litterly only copy people videos and think there celebrities your no one and brands y’all are dumb there follows I mean bots… are kids kids don’t have money parents or teens don’t follow them which means y’all are losing money, tiktok is a toxic app like there’s probably age 5 to like 15 that use the app fell bad for kids gonna wacth this mess, to bad y’all had no childhood no Disney movie no Nickelodeon but kids are listening to wap and watching people brainwashing kids ( kids go wacth camp rock or victorious or something I mean even yt is better this)

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Hype House Review: Influencers and Their Multi-Million Dollar DreamlifeHype House Review: Netflix gives a chance to wear your 'judgemental pants' and watch the problems of wealthy TikTok stars.