Humble Politiciann Nograj Review: Danish Sait’s Political Satire is Entertaining and Relevant

Humble Politiciann Nograj, a web series and sequel to the 2018 film of the same name, is all set to release on Voot. Written by Danish Sait and Saad Khan, Khan directed the 10-episode series. It stars Danish (Nograj), Prakash Belawadi (Krishna Gundu Bala/KGB), Varun Thakur (Karan Kapoor), Disha Madan (Simi), Vijay Chendoor (Manjunath) and Tiku Talsania. The series is in Kannada and has English subtitles.

The synopsis reads, “All that matters to him, is victory and not the truth! Welcome the coolest and the most humble stud of politics, also a part-time youtube.”

Voot Select’s Humble Politiciann Nograj Review Contains No Spoilers

For Voot Select’s Humble Politiciann Nograj, Danish Sait is back as Humble Politician Nograj of the One Big Party (OBP). The story is set 5 years after he became the MLA. Nograj is now the State President of OBP. Nograj has a very big decision to make that will change the fate of Karnataka. The results of assembly elections are out. KGB’s Most Secular Party (MSP) leads by 111 seats, Karan Kapoor’s Family Run Party (FRP) has 77 seats, and OBP has 36 seats.

Nograj must pick with which party he would form a coalition in Karnataka. Given his greed for power and win-at-all-costs mindset, one may expect he’ll be serious. But you’ll be cringing hard when you see whose help Nograj takes to pick the party. The oppositions, like Nograj, are also useless.

Humble Politiciann Nograj still

KGB, President of MSP, doesn’t even understand the importance and meaning of the Chief Minister’s oath speech. He’s dumb and desperate to be the CM and wouldn’t mind following the wrong path. On the other hand, FRP’s National President, Karan Kapoor, is careless. Karan can’t differentiate between Kerala and Karnataka.

As these politicians play their dirty games, media adds more fuel to the fire. Simi, a ‘Fake News’ channel journalist, is always ready to spice up and twist any political event or news. Other journalists, like Simi, offer viewers with daily soap masala. So what will be Nograj’s decision? Will there be an alliance, or will dirty political games being played by everyone? Who will be the next CM? To know everything, you must watch all ten episodes.

After the 145-minute film, one would be curious as to what Saad Khan and Danish Sait have in store for us in the 10 episodes show. They hold your interest from the first scene to the last and make you burst out laughing with their on-screen idiocy. I chuckled at parts where I shouldn’t have as that’s our harsh reality. All the credit goes to the script, execution, and performances that are so excellent. You never know when the political satire will turn dark.

Humble Politiciann Nograj Review: Danish Sait's Political Satire is Entertaining and Relevant

The hilarity does not stop with the dialogues and performances. The series is made more amusing by including jokes on the latest trend, Hindi music, and a reality check with subtle jabs. My top 2 favourite jokes are about the National Animal and Wandersl*t. We also see the uncivilised behaviour of politicians in the Parliament, the inhuman approach to grab the media limelight and obsession with cameras and pictures.

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Since Nograj was appointed the MLA, a lot of time has passed. However, his narcissism, immaturity, political incorrectness, and corrupt behaviour remain unchanged. In fact, he’s returned with some new obnoxious tendencies. Danish Sait, an actor and comedian, is outstanding throughout the series. He plays the dreadful, power-hungry, and sadistic person with conviction.

MSP’s KGB, played by actor Prakash Belawadi, is yet another incompetent politician. Prakash, like Sait, makes you laugh hard with his epic performance. Both actors have terrific comedy timing. The ensemble also contributes a lot of fun to the show.

Humble Politiciann Nograj Review: Danish Sait's Political Satire is Entertaining and Relevant

Humble Politiciann Nograj Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Humble Politiciann Nograj is a must-watch. The political satire exposes the flaws in politics and leaders around the world. It also highlights how those in positions of power are just obsessed with themselves. Comedy is the best way to call out the severely troubled society we live in. The writing is superb, the jokes are funny, and the performances are spectacular. It was good of the makers to make the show in Kannada. The subtitles truly help us understand everything. You will not be disappointed.

The series will be releasing on Voot Select on January 6, 2022.

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Humble Politiciann Nograj Review: Danish Sait is hilarious in this intriguing and relevant political comedy.

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Humble Politiciann Nograj Review: Danish Sait's Political Satire is Entertaining and RelevantHumble Politiciann Nograj Review: Danish Sait is hilarious in this intriguing and relevant political comedy.