The Family Law Review: Benjamin Law’s Sitcom Tells an Awkward yet Adorable Tale of a Dysfunctional Family

Hulu has finally premiered all three seasons of The Family Law and, the show is, hands down, one of the best sitcoms of this era. Created by Australian author-journalist Benjamin Law, the six-part series is loosely adapted from Law’s 2010 book of the same name that was written by Law and Marieke Hardy. The show is produced by Matchbox Pictures and NBC Universal International Studios. All the 18 episodes of this family sitcom are out now!

The Family Law’s main cast consists of Trystan Go as Benjamin Law, Fiona Choi as Jenny Law, Anthony Brandon Wong as Danny Law, Shuang Hu as Candy Law, George Zhao as Andrew Law, Karina Lee as Tammy Law, Vivian Wei as Michelle Law and Bethany Whitmore as Melissa Hills along with Kimie Tsukakoshi as Heidi Thomson and Takaya Honda as Klaus Thomson as recurring cast members. Each episode has a runtime of 20 to 25 minutes.

– The Family Law Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers –

The Family Law: Get to Know a Gloriously Dysfunctional Chinese- Australian Family

The Family Law encapsulates the true spirit of a family without whitewashing the bad and, sugar coating the good. The series provides perspective and a heartful laugh as we navigate with the Law family, who hold the focus of this series. Through trials and tribulations as well as gleeful glories, we follow the eyes of a young Benjamin Law as he spends time with his awkward family and, tries to grow up amidst a group of people who are seemingly polar opposite to one another but, are all tied together by blood and love.

Hulu’s latest release shows us the Law family living in the suburbs of Queensland. The family consists of Jenny and Danny, along with their five children- Ben, Candy, Michelle, Andrew and Tammy. We witness an estrangement between Jenny and Danny and, how their relationship falling apart affects the entire family followed by how Benjamin, amidst this dreams to achieve soap-opera stardom, constantly gets pulled into other people’s dramas.

The Family Law is one well-written drama that will sink inside you. The story is simple- just the life of an Asian-Australia family growing up together, which is what gives the writers the liberty to work on the characters closely and give us meaningful and valuable characters. The actors too nail their parts starting from Trystan Go, who is essentially our protagonist to Fiona Choi, Shuang Hu and others. The comedy is gentle in most of its deliveries and it never looks forced. The show is also true in reflecting the family values that comes from a mix of Asian and Australian culture.

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The Family Law: Final Verdict

Overall, The Family Law is an enjoyable piece of cinema. The series feels genuine, real and heartfelt and, has roaring bouts of comedy that will make you want to binge all the episodes in one go. It surely feels outdated at various moments such as Jenny’s bickering and inappropriate comments followed by orthodox mentalities that seem to hold back a lot of the characters’ potential but, it never fails to make you realize that the real world is never truly fair and just as we make it sound like on paper.

The Family Law has its moments and, it is for everyone to enjoy. The best part about this show is that it makes for a perfect family watch over a lazy and long weekend.

You can watch all the 18 episodes of The Family Law now streaming on Hulu.

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The Family Law on Hulu weaves a beautiful tale of family and growing up.

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The Family Law on Hulu weaves a beautiful tale of family and growing up.The Family Law Review: Benjamin Law’s Sitcom Tells an Awkward yet Adorable Tale of a Dysfunctional Family