How I Met Your Father Episode 5 Review: Mothers and Therapy

How I Met Your Father Episode 5 is directed by Morenike Joela Evans and written by Christopher Encell. The creator of the sitcom is Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger and, it serves as a standalone sequel to everyone’s favourite show from the early 2000s- How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). The new gang of the show living in New York City includes Hilary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, Paget Brewster, Tien Tran, Josh Peck and Kim Cattrall. The fifth episode of the show has already premiered, with a runtime of 25 minutes.

– How I Met Your Father Episode 5 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

How I Met Your Father Episode 5: “The Good Mom”

How I Met Your Father Episode 5 is titled ‘The Good Mom’ and tries to bring on a spirit of Gilmore Girls but, as Valentina says, this might just be a really bad episode of the iconic Gilmore Girls. We have been hearing about Sohpie’s mother since the first episode, it was likely she would make an appearance, however, what the character would offer has been a surprise for a long. According to Sophie, she had been the one picking up their lives after every time her mother’s boyfriends left, giving us a rather heartbroken impression of the woman.

But when we meet the mother, Lori (played by Paget Brewster), the turn is surprising. Missing her daughter’s thirtieth birthday, Lori appears in town to introduce Sophie to her boyfriend, even though Sophie had already made plans. Blindsided by the affection she has for Lori, Sophie cancels her plan with Drew and, heads out with Valentina to meet her mother and the boyfriend in question, Ash. However, later the duo discovers a heartbreaking secret that makes Sophie finally take her own stand to put herself first.

Back in the house, the boys have been doing some amateur therapy sessions. Charlie being Charlie decides that he would like to offer therapy to Jesse because he has been to too many! As hilarious as that sounds, the boys unwittingly uncover a therapy-worthy issue Sid has been hiding and, it concerns Sophie’s mom!

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Meanwhile, Ellen goes on a quest to get her BLT some fresh tomatoes, you bet by stealing! She encounters a produce-nerd and, all of Ellen’s heart bells ring, she goes out of the way to impress the girl but, Charlie steps in to make the plan derail beautifully.

There is also a mid-season finale line that might just convince us that either the titular father we have been looking for so long might just be Drew or, one of his friends!

How I Met Your Father Episode 5: Final Thoughts

Now that we are almost in the middle of the show’s season, one thing can definitely be said that even though the show does exhibit some good writing here and, there, it isn’t exactly funny or, close to what How I Met Your Mother was. It is a good show with likeable characters but, after every episode you would like to know more, just to give the storyline more structure. It is possible if the show wasn’t a sitcom and, did not use external laughs, it would fare better on the audience’s expectation meter.

Nonetheless, for the people who are watching the show, you can catch How I Met Your Father Episode 5 now on Hulu. Each episode will get a weekly release. You can catch it on Hulu on Tuesdays and, on the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesdays. You can read our previous reviews of the show, here.

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Check out the latest How I Met Your Father Episode 5 where we get to meet Sophie mother for the first time ever!

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Check out the latest How I Met Your Father Episode 5 where we get to meet Sophie mother for the first time ever!How I Met Your Father Episode 5 Review: Mothers and Therapy