Netflix’s House of Secrets The Burari Deaths Review: Faith and Delusion

House of Secrets The Burari Deaths is a documentary TV series created by Leena Yadav and is about the deaths of 11 members of a family in Delhi’s Burari area.

Netflix describes the series as:

Suicide, murder… or something else? This docuseries examines chilling truths and theories around the deaths of 11 members of a Delhi family.

– House of Secrets The Burari Deaths review does not contain spoilers –

– Trigger Warning in the series for suicide –

If you weren’t familiar with the incident, then welcome to a harrowing documentary that will definitely give you the creeps. Netflix has created a docuseries that is fast-paced but provides a detailed account not only into the incident, the police work and the crime scene investigation, but also a heartfelt look into the people who lost their lives so shockingly.

House of Secrets The Burari Deaths talks to various people close to the family – to every member connected to each family member. As the police keep on saying that people die and there’s no way one can ever really predict it. But, the way the Bhatia family died is absolutely horrifying.

However, the deaths are not the only things that come into play. When something this shocking happens, several aspects come to the forefront and all of them are checked and investigated in the series. I was constantly shocked by the sheer number of perspectives that the show provides. It’s equal parts fascinating and goosebump-inducing. Plus, the media coverage – oof!

The first episode of House of Secrets The Burari Deaths discusses the case from the outside. We don’t go deep into the most confusing aspects until the fag end of episode 1 when things really start to get more and more shocking. The reason why the series feels so intimate, though, is that not one moment is recreated. Every part of what you will see is taken from footage taken at that time.

However, trigger warning: real crime scene footage might sound like a great addition (it is) to a docuseries, however, be warned that this case isn’t like others. It might give you sleepless nights and trauma. However, for others who have a stronger appetite for true crime, this is going to be a fascinating watch.

Even if you’re someone who has read or heard about the incident, House of Secrets The Burari Deaths will probably provide new perspectives, and interesting ones, at that. The psychologists’ thoughts and that of the medical examiner who did the autopsy were by far the most interesting things to hear. It’s harrowing, shocking and something very difficult to accept.

At the end of the documentary, you might still wonder what actually happened. The incident is shocking enough to question reality and whether you believe it to be suicide or murder, it still stays with you. I must say – Leena Yadav has created a three-part limited series that makes you want to press “Next Episode” the moment one is done. And regardless of whether you get the answers, you’re looking for, the series will definitely stay with you because of the sheer amount of footage and intimate stories.

Another thing that the series focuses on which is very important is the lack of awareness towards mental health. Different experts, and even journalists, talk about how it could’ve been many things but one cannot ignore the fact that poor mental health had a big role to play in what went down. It’s heartbreaking to know that maybe all of this could’ve been avoided had more awareness been there regarding treating trauma and related problems. But alas, we’ll never know how that would’ve turned out.

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Summing up: House of Secrets The Burari Deaths

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths deserves every bit of the attention that it is getting. It is extremely well-made, gives so many different perspectives and is an all-out creepy, heartbreaking and interesting watch.

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is streaming on Netflix.

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House of Secrets The Burari Deaths is an all-out interesting documentary series that is every part heartbreaking and shocking.


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