Hotstar’s Gully Rowdy Review: Falls Flat as an Entertainer

The ensemble cast in Gully Rowdy is made of Sundeep Kishan, Neha Shetty, and Bobby Simha, alongside others. Directed by G. Nageswara Reddy and produced by Kona Venkat, the movie was expected to deliver more than what it promised; however, despite the lead and comedic sequences, it couldn’t live up to the plot. Sai Karthik and Ram Miriyala give the background score.

Gully Rowdy Review does not contain any spoilers

Sundeep Kishan in Gully Rowdy is lost in the Mass of Faces

The best part of the movie is the entertainment predictability. There are not many moments that will keep you laughing. It’s a pity that the film fails to build on those moments and turn them into a full-fledged entertainer.

It is all about playing to the gallery for Sundeep Kishan. The movie has an exciting plot, but the lack of understanding of the script and the paucity of expressions by Sundeep Kishan is one of the significant letdowns. If he doesn’t understand his role, how does he expect to play it?

Hotstar's Gully Rowdy Review: Falls Flat as an Entertainer

There is nothing for the lead in the film to do. No one to play off, no one to react to. The hyper-realism of the film is so exaggerated that it has no room for a voiceover narration. The dialogues are unconvincing, and there is no effort to imbibe realism into dialogue delivery. The lead character in the film ends up being just another glorified caricature buoyed by stardom, which provides an excuse to showcase the raw energy of other actors in the same frame.

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Gully Rowdy-Stereotypical and a Medley of Rom-com and Action Sequences

The major drawback of Gully Rowdy is its poor script which does not make any sense whatsoever. The story lacks direction, and there are no reasons for anything happening in the movie. The director tries to make a gripping commercial entertainer but ends up making a film that can be watched once at max because of its mass elements and Sundeep’s screen presence.

Other than that, Gully Rowdy has nothing much to offer. The film is pretty entertaining for the second half, and then it goes downhill slowly but surely. It is predictable, even before it happens. The one thing that stands tall in the whole movie is the stereotypes. They came out as one of the most memorable ones thanks to the silliness and predictable fashion.

Hotstar's Gully Rowdy Review: Falls Flat as an Entertainer

If you are willing to watch Sundeep Kishan do what he always does, then you can give this one a shot!

The film is very much mass from the start to the end. There is not a single moment when the film moves out of that space. It is utterly dependent on that space. What ruins the movie is this interminable narrative. The movie tries to get you engaged in the gully-side feud of the lead characters, but despite its promising start, it settles into a bland tale that drags you like a ball and chain.

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Loud-mouthed and Snarky-Gully Rowdy could do so much better

The second half is better than the first one, but there are still some problems. The action, as well as the comedy part, look a bit forced. The filmmaking is amateurish and not at all appealing to us. The visuals are clearly from an outdated way of filmmaking.

Hotstar's Gully Rowdy Review: Falls Flat as an Entertainer

The movie can be an interesting one, but it is too conventional with its writing. The narration is in a typical tone. The characters are customary with the roles they play. The story comes across as banal in most parts, even when it attempts to make fun of itself. The actors do their part well, but the screenplay lets them down.

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Gully Rowdy Failed to Deliver at many Points

The beginning of the movie sets up its central conflict well. After that, there are multiple instances where it could have become attractive. But the script is written in a way to ensure that nothing out-of-the-ordinary happens from then on. The intention might have been to keep things simple and enjoyable. But the outcome is a narrative that could have been better worked upon – along with better writing and narration.

Hotstar's Gully Rowdy Review: Falls Flat as an Entertainer

The performances are all right, and so is the music. But, it’s nothing special and doesn’t add anything to the film either. Gully Rowdy has some good action sequences, but they feel out of place in a comedy film.

The film was supposed to be a comedy flick, but it failed to impress the viewers with anything. The storyline is quite simple, which does not take much time to move ahead. Few comic scenes will surely amuse you.

Stream It or Skip It?

All this is just a bit of relief compared to the other stuff you would want to skip through the movie. The first half of the film is uninteresting. The second half has some exciting moments but fails to leave an impact on the viewer. The director needed to work more on the execution and the screenplay to make an entertaining film like this, which ends up as only a time-pass flick.

Gully Rowdy is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The movie can be an interesting one, but it is too conventional with its writing. The characters are customary with the roles they play.

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Hotstar's Gully Rowdy Review: Falls Flat as an EntertainerThe movie can be an interesting one, but it is too conventional with its writing. The characters are customary with the roles they play.