Hostage House Review: Sluggish Thriller

Hostage House is a thriller movie directed by David Benullo, written by Daniel West and starring Jennifer Taylor, Julia Terranova, Emily Sweet, and Justin C. Schilling, alongside other cast members.

The IMDB description for Hostage House reads:

When an ambitious realtor and her daughter are held hostage during an open house, they must work together to outsmart their captors.

– Hostage House review does not contain spoilers –

Before the action starts in Hostage House, the movie gives us ample foreshadowing to let us know what is going to happen and how everything is going to come into play later on. This movie is your usual run-of-the-mill thriller, with mama bear trying to protect her cub from danger. We have seen home invasion/hostage movies aplenty, the most notable one being Panic Room. So, what does this movie bring to the table that’s new?

Well, nothing really. Hostage House is the usual stuff. Two burglars, one invasion, a kid (not so small though) to protect. The movie plays dramatic and spooky music very early into the runtime, giving us false jumpscares for some reason. I am tired of jumpscares, and more so when there is no danger. Most of the audience are acclimated to that trope and it adds nothing to the story.

The baddies, when they are introduced in Hostage House, look like bad people but act very confused and unsure. The guy, because of a wound in his stomach, looks like he needs a bathroom break asap. But whatever, the biggest gripe I have with this movie is that these people make the worst decisions. As the movie unfolds, you will question each and every decision these people make. I know smart decisions aren’t everyone’s forte in thrillers, but still.

Coming to performances, Hostage House consists of nothing interesting. Everyone mostly overacts although I’d say Jennifer Taylor is better out of them all. Justin C. Schilling’s potty face of pain is amusing at best and Julia Terranova is annoying.

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Summing up: Hostage House

hostage house
Hostage House Review: Sluggish Thriller 5

Hostage House is a low-budget thriller that brings nothing new to the table. Every decision and every moment is something we have seen in other movies and you’d be able to figure out where this is going from the first minute. It’s mostly cringy and sadly, the baddies don’t feel bad enough. You don’t connect with the family and their backstories seem uninteresting. The sluggish pace, too, does nothing for it.

Overall, if you’re in the mood to watch bad thrillers (I have those moods sometimes), then give this one a watch for the shits and giggles. Otherwise, skip!

Watch Hostage House here.

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Hostage House is a thriller that is predictable and overdone but isn't the worst out there.

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