Netflix’s Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas Review: Warm Holiday Cheers

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Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas is a reality TV series hosted by Benjamin Bradley, a veteran interior designer. The series has four episodes, and each half an hour long.

Christmas is the time to be merry and have a wonderful time with your loved ones. It’s a beautiful, warm and festive time for everyone around the world, and what better way to celebrate it than to ease into the holiday spirit with Christmas shows? Additionally, if you’re someone who has an unhealthy obsession with makeover reality TV shows (like me), then this is the right place for you.

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Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas is a charming and warm hug right before the Christmas season. It’s narrator, Benjamin Bradley, is a veteran in the interior design industry and is also a little obsessed with the holidays. With that in mind, he goes out to the homes of selected people to brighten up their lives and give their homes a holiday makeover.

Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas is similar to home makeover shows that we have seen in the past, like Dream Home Makeover. However, what sets it apart? Well, it’s Christmas themed, ofcourse, and also the fact that Bradley really tries to make the decoration part a group activity with its residents, and the show goes deeper into the how’s and why’s of the decorating.

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Bradley, moreover, gives out little nifty cooking or decorating DIYs that are quick and easy but look (or taste) absolutely great. These little pieces of information are what sets this show apart. We get to know about cute Christmas ornaments, tasty snacks that are effortless to make but add a layer of holiday cheer to the whole process and the proper way to fluff a Christmas tree, among other things. It’s an all-around enjoyable process. These tips and advice help the viewers to incorporate some of these ideas into their own Christmas decorations, which is quite useful.

  • holiday makeover with mr. christmas
  • holiday makeover with mr. christmas
  • holiday makeover with mr. christmas

The show does not stop at that. Each and every home is made over extravagantly and looks absolutely stunning. The family members, too, help out in whatever way they can and it’s an all-out warm and enjoyable experience. And after everything is done, the final reveal is something that will give you a smile on your face. It’s totally crazy extravagant, but not tacky. As Bradley says, he’s one ornament away from being tacky. It’s bright, crazy and absolutely great to watch.

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Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas has four episodes with each being around 30 minutes long. On the other hand, Bradley gets two days to turn people’s homes into a Christmas wonderland that is absolutely stunning to look at. Bradley, along with his “elves” do whatever they can to make the families’ holidays special since each of the families is expected to undergo some change. So, Bradley tries, on one episode, to create something special for a fire fighting station and in another episode, they try to merge Hanukkah and Christmas.

All in all, it’s all warm and cuddles here!

Summing up: Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas

holiday makeover with mr. christmas

Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas is a fun, warm and happy little show that gives you lots of tips and tricks to incorporate into your holiday decorations, and also gives an idea about his own mindset when it comes to these decorations. There’s a lot of fun and banter, and host Benjamin Bradley is a wonderful and kind-hearted person to be around. All in all, a very light and fun watch!

Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas is streaming on Netflix.

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Holiday Makeover with Mr. Christmas is a warm and cuddly little series that perfectly captures the holiday cheer.
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