Hilda and the Mountain King Review (2021): Heartwarming Conclusion to the Netflix Series

Hilda and the Mountain King, a Netflix film based on the Hilda series, is now out. The series and the film is based on Luke Pearson’s novel of the same name. Produced by Silvergate Media and Mercury Filmworks, Andy Coyle directed the film. It is 80 minutes film that features voice actors Bella Ramsey (Hilda), Ameerah Falzon-Ojo (Frida), Oliver Nelson (David), Daisy Haggard (Johanna, Hilda’s mother), Rasmus Hardiker (Alfur), John Hopkins (Erik Ahlberg) and Lucy Montgomery (Gerda Gustav).

The synopsis reads, “When Hilda wakes up in the body of a troll, she must use her wits and courage to get back home, become human again — and save the city of Trolberg.”

Netflix’s Hilda and the Mountain King Review Contains No Spoilers

Hilda and the Mountain King is a Netflix film that picks up where Hilda Season 2 leaves off. Something happens in the Stone Forest that causes Hilda and Baba’s (a baby troll) bodies to be swapped. Hilda finds herself in the mountains with the trolls.  Baba ends up in her house with her family. Hilda is impatient to go back home and her mother Johanna wants her daughter back.

But there are challenges not only amid the mountains and trolls but also at the Trollsberg. Trollsberg residents fear that trolls are conspiring to attack them and take over their territory. Erik Ahlberg, a safety patrol officer, devises a strategy to save the people from the trolls. He wants people to volunteer to ring the town’s massive bells every night when a troll tries to enter.

Hilda encounters the Mountain King while trying to find a way out. The Mountain King is a gigantic and unfriendly troll. Erik’s attack plans hinder Johanna’s plans to find her daughter. It’s clear that a war will break between the trolls and the humans. Either one side will win the battle, or both sides will be crushed. How will Hilda become a human again? Will there be a war? What do the trolls and Mountain King really want? The last film answers everything.

Hilda and the Mountain King Review

Hilda and the Mountain King on Netflix has an engaging and consistent narrative. We’re captivated by Hilda’s struggle to accept her troll body, her fear of trolls, and her discovery of the truth that has been hidden for ages. Johanna’s efforts fail until she gets big help from small and friendly souls.

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Until the last 30 minutes, we are shown each character’s challenges. Just when you think everything is looking well, Luke Pearson’s tale throws you another curveball. I haven’t read the book yet, so I’m unsure how the ending is told. But many significant revelations have been made in the last 20 minutes. Adults will instantly figure out what’s happening. But it will be too much for kids to grasp.

Hilda and the Mountain King Review (2021): Heartwarming Conclusion to the Netflix Series

The movie Hilda and the Mountain King comes to a beautiful and loving conclusion. The movie includes a hearty mix of self-acceptance, love, and magic. Bella Ramsey, reprising her role as Hilda, does an outstanding job with her voice. Compared to the series, Hilda has a lot to say in the film. The insanity of John Hopkins as Erik Ahlberg lends the necessary humour to the slightly tense narrative.

Overall, the series comes to a fantastic climax, full of surprises with the Netflix film. It signifies that there is more to someone than meets the eye. The animation is fantastic. A lot happens in the climax so stay focused for the last 30 minutes.

The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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Hilda and the Mountain King Review: Netflix's Hilda series come to a heartwarming conclusion with the latest film.

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Hilda and the Mountain King Review (2021): Heartwarming Conclusion to the Netflix SeriesHilda and the Mountain King Review: Netflix's Hilda series come to a heartwarming conclusion with the latest film.