Heavenly Bites Mexico Review: Delicious Visual Treat for Food Lovers!

Heavenly Bites Mexico is a new food show on Netflix. Directed by Juan Márquez, it features Memo Villegas and many others. There are total of 6 episodes of 30 minutes approx. The episodes are titled – Micheladas, More Than Just Chips, Sinful Desserts, Eating by the Kilo, The Sweetest of Buns, Next-Level Tortas. The Spanish audio is dubbed in English and also has subtitles.

The synopsis reads, “Welcome to a food extravaganza, a visual poem to Mexico’s foodie ingenuity and the quirky and delicious flavors that are worth the stomach aches.”

Netflix Food Show Heavenly Bites Mexico Review Contains Mild Spoilers

The opening credit of Netflix food show Heavenly Bites Mexico have enough crunch to grab your interest immediately. Narrator/host Memo Villegas sounds quite pumped to talk about some favourite dishes of the Mexican culture and streets. In the first episode, Memo tells us about a refreshing beer drink called Micheladas.

In most countries, beer is consumed with a bottle or poured into a big glass. But Mexicans give a wonderful twist to the drink by adding lemons, some spices and other interesting ingredients to make Micheladas. The toppings of the drink vary from candies to seafood. Every place, shop, and the person who makes them have their version of the popular drink. But they all are hit among the customers who can’t get enough of how heavenly it tastes.

Similarly, in the next 5 episodes, the creators take us to different places in Mexico and show how they give a unique twist to popular food. In the ‘More Than Just Chips’ episode of Heavenly Bites Mexico, we see several delicious ways in which a person can consume chips. The title is enough to explain the same.

Heavenly Bites Mexico

The chips are loaded heavily with cheese, corn, vegetables and different spices and have a different name. But the basic/key ingredient here is the chips. From potato chips to the Doritos, the cooks treat the foodies with all kinds of crunchy snacks. The same happens in the other episodes with a new dish/ingredient/type of food in focus.

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Netflix show Heavenly Bites: Mexico features many cooks who run food stalls or shop where they make and sell these iconic dishes. Some of them also share how they derived the idea of giving twists to classic items like beer or chips. The excitement in Memo Villegas’ voice, the close-up shots of food and drinks, melting chocolates and cheese will make the foodie inside you very happy.

Heavenly Bites Mexico Review: Delicious Visual Treat for Food Lovers!

What bothered me about the show is how they’ve also featured some food/nutrition experts on the show. These experts discuss why people crave such heavily loaded food, what makes them spend on a huge feast that doesn’t cost much, and how something affects the body. In a show about food, I wonder if anyone wants experts’ opinions. Foodies just want to enjoy food without anyone telling them why they love such colourful, mouthwatering meals.

Netflix’s Heavenly Bites Mexico: Review

Overall, the Mexican food show is a delectable and visual treat for all food lovers. We learn how vibrant and yummy Mexico’s food culture is. The show also tells us that their food consists of a lot more than just Tacos, Quesadillas and Burritos!

The show is now streaming on Netflix.

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Heavenly Bites Mexico Review: The Netflix food show will give you big cravings.


  1. Sorry, this show is lame. The food, the commentary , it’s all just BS. Who in there most pathetic dream thought this was in anynway good?

  2. Yeah, watched another episode . Wow, just pandering . So pathetic. Just try and do garbage over the top and call it a food show. So stupid.
    A foot long hot dog is Mexican food? Give me a break.
    What idiocy.

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Heavenly Bites Mexico Review: The Netflix food show will give you big cravings.Heavenly Bites Mexico Review: Delicious Visual Treat for Food Lovers!