Heart Parade Review: Anna Próchniak-Michal Czernecki’s Rom Com Does Not Burn Bright

Netflix’s latest Polish release Heart Parade aka Parada serc is a romantic comedy directed by Filip Zylber. The screenplay is written by Wiktor Piatkowski, Natalia Matuszek and Marianna Pochron. It stars Anna Próchniak as Magda, Michal Czernecki as Krzysztof, Iwo Rajski as Karol, Piotr Rogucki as Wiktor, Monika Krzywkowska as Zula, Katarzyna Zielinska as Irenka, Wasyl Wasylikas Anatol, Kamil Szeptycki as Dawid and Maria Czerepinska as Tosia.

The runtime for the film is 108 minutes. The synopsis for the film on Netflix reads: “To save her job, a dog-fearing, career-minded woman must travel to Kraków, where she meets a charming widower, his son and their four-legged.”

Netflix’s Parada Serc aka Heart Parade Review Does Not Contain Spoilers

Heart Parade: Rom Coms Can Do Better!

Netflix’s Heart Parade promises something different with its premise and how it starts but, eventually follows the same old trope to offer a story we already either know or can predict. The film has its good moments, but it is high time we finally start asking if rom-coms can do better!

Magda is a career-driven woman in the media and television field who suffers from a dog-phobia, keeping the cute four-legged animals always at the bay. When Magda feels that she has gotten it all under wraps starting from her professional life to her love life, a tragedy strikes that displaces her entire well-planned future. However, with every dark cloud comes a silver lining, right?

Just when things seemed to have ended for Magda, she finds a way to jump back on her feet. This is when she crosses paths with Krzysztof, a widower with a young son called Karol and a dog named Trombone. Initially, Magda does not warm up to the family finding her fear of dogs overbearing and trying to focus on her real mission of landing up at Krzysztof’s place. But, as time progresses things seem to take a sweeter turn, that is until her ex-lover appears out of nowhere to stir up a storm that no one saw coming.

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Netflix’s Heart Parade offers a lot of cute elements that make it a feel-good movie but, it is definitely not something that will immediately catch your attention. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and either one of them complicates it all until there is a happy ending- the film lives on this stereotype rather than trying to reinvent it for the present audience. Yet the characters the film offers really warm your heart and make you invested.

The weak points of this rom-com are the romantic elements along with the presence of the villainous figures as there isn’t enough depth or build-up to Magda and Krzysztof’s relationship. Yet when it comes to friendship especially the bond Magda forms with Karol and Trombone is adorable. Irena, who somewhat acts like a villain isn’t strong enough and Dawid is a weak character, who tries to be evil but, is just plain stupid. The comedy hits but, if you don’t follow the plot attentively or refer to the subtitles to understand, it really kills off the vibe.

Heart Parade: Final Verdict

Heart Parade is a sweet and nice movie. But, it is not a movie that you will hold onto or will you in any way, which makes it an easy one-time watch and nothing more- a decent take on the genre of romantic comedy. In this era getting a rom-com right and striking it hard in the heart of the audience is difficult and Heart Parade is just another example of it.

With some amiable characters, decent actors, adorable dogs and some character development that resonates with reality at times, the film looked promising but, when you reach the end, you know something is just missing and it does not feel all that good after all.

But, for the ones who are willing to give it a try, Heart Parade aka Parada serc is now streaming on Netflix.

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Heart Parade on Netflix is yet another generic romantic comedy featuring Anna Próchniak and Michal Czernecki.

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Heart Parade Review: Anna Próchniak-Michal Czernecki's Rom Com Does Not Burn BrightHeart Parade on Netflix is yet another generic romantic comedy featuring Anna Próchniak and Michal Czernecki.