Netflix’s He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Review: Action-Packed and Endearing

The reboot of the 1983’s He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe on Netflix is one light, funny and endearing watch with all the right punches. This CGI-animated anime-like series has reimagined the characters in all the best way possible to serve us with a power-packed show.

Looking at the series He-man and the Masters of the Universe can be divided into two parts for better understanding where episodes one to five serve as the founding story and episodes six to ten give context to the battle to come.

– He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Review does not contain spoilers –

What does He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has to offer us?

A binge-worthy, weekend relaxation!

In a magical and futuristic Eternia, we experience the story of Disney’s Tangled with a Power Rangers-like twist. The young lost prince of Eternia, Adam, living as a member of a jungle tribe incidentally gets handed over the sword of Grayskull through a hand witch named Teela.

The sword then helps Adam turn into He-Man and come across the reality of his past as the heir to the royal throne. However, no story is complete without its classic villain and that is when his uncle Prince Keldor, turned into evil Skeletor, steps in.

A bright sparkle of battle and a series of events rage on as our hero and villain pit against one another along with their mighty teams. Where one team is built on the grounds of friendship and loyalty, the other feeds off darkness and conspirations. In the classic battle, we encounter both sides face one another in an enthralling finale.

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Is the reboot as impressive as the original?

This is a sensitive battle we will only let fans decide on. However, there are certain aspects of this show that is played out brilliantly.

For instance, He-Man is someone who shares the power of the sword with his pals Teela, Cringer, Krass and Duncan which transforms them into Sorceress, Battle Cat, Ram Ma’am and Man-At-Arms, respectively. The transformation sequence as He-Man calls on to the power of the sword is enchanting.

The show also puts the values of friendship at a pedestal making it not only an enjoyable but also valuable watch for the young set of audience. He-Man is always pushing his friends to take the lead and even though, the realization that he comes from a royal background does not taint the friendships.

He-man and the Masters of the Universe also tackles humour very pleasantly and never gets too serious. Man-At-Arms is definitely the funniest in the lot with his lame jokes along with Battle Cat who’s wise and funny. The fights too are very well-executed even though they feel utopian at times with all the gadgets and the fact that no one ever is seriously hurt.

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Who are the official cast members of He-man and the Masters of the Universe?

We get to see Yuri Lowenthal as Prince Adam/He-Man, David Kaye as Cringer/Battle Cat, Kimberly Brooks as Teela, Eldress/Sorceress, Antony Del Rio as Duncan/Man-At-Arms and Judy Alice Lee as Krass/Ram Ma’am. Tom Kenny plays Ork-0, RK Units, Benjamin Diskin plays Keldor/Skeletor, Grey Griffin plays Evelyn/Evil-Lyn and Roger Craig Smith plays Kronis/Trap-Jaw.

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Review: Final Thoughts

With every “We Have The Power”, He-man chants the group not only fights evil and darkness but also helps our heroes harness the light all that resides in each one of them. By the end of the day, this superhero story stands out because of its eternal theme of self-discovery.

He-man and the Masters of the Universe is streaming now on Netflix.

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He-man and the Masters of the Universe is a light and endearing binge-worthy watch on Netflix.

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He-man and the Masters of the Universe is a light and endearing binge-worthy watch on Netflix.Netflix's He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Review: Action-Packed and Endearing