HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Retired Janitors Of Idaho

Succession Season 3 Episode 5 continues the feat of Logan and Kendall’s bittersweet relationship. And, now with the last episode holding witness to Logan’s degrading health, it seems only a matter of time that the house of cards that has fallen down will wash away in the pouring rain. The series is created by Jesse Armstrong and is an Emmy- award-winning satirical black-comedy drama. The runtime for each episode is about an hour.

The cast includes Brian Cox as CEO of Waystar RoyCo Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, and Sarah Snook as Shiv (aka Siobhan Roy), Alan Ruck as Connor Roy, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch and Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy.

– HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 5 recap does not contain spoilers –

Succession Season 3 Episode 5: The Shareholders’ Deal

A lot of business takes place in this particular instalment of Succession Season 3 and it was known when we last heard of the shareholders’ meet taking place. Now, we have Stewy and two Sandys (well, Sandy and his daughter Sandi) flying like vultures over the Waystar RoyCo to gain control through a majority of the vote at the table. But, all the Roys are at it again to deflect the voting from taking place by cracking a deal under the table.

With some heavy and egoistic exchange of dialogues, it is Shiv who manages to get her hands on a deal that serves them all right, apparently. However, Logan is kept out of it because, well, we saw what happened during the last episode, right? The old man is clearly losing it and there is a good explanation why which we learn as does Roman that Logan’s UTI is not keeping him well physically as well as mentally. Is he still the big boss of all when it comes to making deals? We are yet to find that out.

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What we do know, however, is that he isn’t quite happy with Shiv’s deal but, that is not the end of the list. Ewan Roy too is unhappy with Greg’s continued association with the Roy family’s business and is not going to inherit anything from Ewan it seems. Even Kendall is mad at Greg for that last-minute switch in the last episode. Succession Season 3 is truly giving Greg a bad time and even though he has had an amazing character development so far, it might all shatter away as Kendall and Logan Roy continue to take the front stage with their feud.

This is exactly how the episode ends, with Logan permanently blocking Kendall’s number. Is this a metaphor to us that the father-son duo will never stand under the same roof? Or, is it just the show makers deflecting the audience from the real purpose that maybe Logan Roy is going to do something massive before he reads the fine prints of his daughter’s deal and he is just protecting Kendall so he might be able to finally ascend on the throne? The imagination is far fetched but looking at how Shiv has turned into a business strategist and Kendall an NGO man, anything unexpected can make its way to us.

Succession Season 3 Episode 5: Final Thoughts

Succession Season 3 Episode 5 resolves no family issues and rather gives rise to complicated business deals that are on the slippery end. The Roy children are constantly put to test under their father’s “f–ck ’em.”

You can stream HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 5 now on Disney+ Hotstar. Meanwhile, to catch on the recap of the previous episodes of Succession Season 3 – click here.

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Slippery business deals and unhappy Roys make up most of Succession Season 3 Episode 5.

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