HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 6 Recap: Sore Must Be the Storm

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama miniseries created by Brad Ingelsby which premiered on HBO. Mare of Easttown episode 6 is directed by Craig Zobel and is tilted Sore Must Be the Storm. The series stars Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman and Evan Peters, alongside other cast members.

Mare of Easttown episode 6 recap

Well, if you thought you were gonna get something good after last week’s episode, well then, I’m sorry but NO. As Mare is recovering in the hospital after being shot, we get to know that Katie has reunited with her family, which is an emotional and fulfilling moment. However, Zabel is dead in Mare of Easttown episode 6. They killed off Evan Peter’s character. I don’t know how to process that information and I don’t know whether I am capable of it.

Father Dan tells the police about Deacon Mark and the latter is questioned. They find Erin’s bike in the river that Mark tried to get rid of, so now he looks very suspicious and obviously the police don’t believe a word that he is saying. He is then placed under arrest for tampering with evidence.

Once home in Mare of Easttown episode 6, Mare and Lori catch up on what’s been going on in the latter’s life. We also see John moving into his dad’s house who is disappointed in both of his sons. There’s some tension in the household as well since Billy is acting pretty hostile.

Later, Mare goes to meet Zabel’s mother and tell her how sorry she is for her loss. The woman slaps her and tells her that had it not been for Mare, Colin would still be alive. Which, I mean, I get it. But he’s a detective and helped save the lives of two young women who were raped and tortured and there likely would’ve been more had it not been for them, but sure. She comes home and cries to Helen.

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Chief Carter tells Mare in Mare of Easttown episode 6 that Wayne Potts did not kill Erin. Later, Richard visits Mare with a gift basket and the two chat with each other. I am so suspicious of this guy since he’s just everywhere but nowhere as well and he’s too nice. Mare, however, breaks it off with him and he’s accepting of it and asks her to ask him out if she feels ready.

Surprisingly, Brianna Delrasso comes around and rats out Dylan not being in bed the night of Erin’s murder. Based on that, Mare and Carter bring Dylan in, who walks them through what happened on the night of Erin’s murder and well, it doesn’t help his case.

Mare goes to visit her therapist, who tells her that she needs to face her fears and her grief and asks her to take her through the day that Kevin died. The account is heartbreaking and Kate Winslet is just so good at portraying that pain and grief. You can see her eyes as if she’s seeing it all happen in front of her and it’s just… so sad.

Later in Mare of Easttown episode 6, Beth flags Mare down in front of Freddie’s house. She hasn’t heard from him for three days and she’s fearful that something has happened to him. She’s not wrong, as Mare finds Freddie sitting in his room, probably overdosed on heroin. However, she finds something suspicious regarding Erin and looks very concerned, as if something just came to her mind.

Siobhan, sitting in her room and watching Kevin’s old videos, goes down the “high” road and bombards Anne with messages. Intoxicated, she goes off to find her after she doesn’t reply back to her. Her friends later bring her back and she breaks down and tells Mare that the latter should have been the one to find Kevin, not her. Mare apologises to her daughter, and they cry holding each other.

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Later, John’s father tells him that the night Erin was murdered, Billy came home very late and when he saw him, he was covered in blood. His father is concerned and John looks like a brick just hit his face. He later talks to Billy, who breaks down and tells him that he did, indeed, kill Erin. But something seems fishy here.

Then something worse happens in Mare of Easttown episode 6. Well, two bad things. Firstly, tired from working so much, Carrie falls asleep while giving Drew a bath. And secondly, Dylan and his friend terrorise Jess and follow her all around the town. In the first instance, she wakes up and nothing bad comes out of it and Drew’s safe. But in the second instance though, Dylan holds a gun to Jess’s face and tells her that if she tells anyone anything, she will have her head blown off, just like Erin.

And then everything comes out in the open in Mare of Easttown episode 6. Billy was in a relationship with Erin which is incestuous and Erin was underage at the time so that’s great. And DJ is Billy’s kid so that’s wonderful as well. Billy and John have, however, gone fishing and Erin follows suit. Meanwhile, Jess comes to Chief Carter and gives him the picture that she had taken from Erin’s journals. Carter seems to be very concerned after seeing it and asks to contact Mare immediately. The last scene is of Mare walking towards where the guys are in the woods.

Mare of Easttown episode 6 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Mare of Easttown episode 6 comes out with more revelations, this time about Erin's murder. But do we have the right suspect?

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