HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 5 Recap: Illusions

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama miniseries created by Brad Ingelsby which premiered on HBO. Mare of Easttown episode 5 is directed by Craig Zobel. The series stars Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman and Evan Peters, alongside other cast members.

Mare of Easttown episode 5 recap

Mare of Easttown episode 5 starts off with an accident that results in a power outage. As everyone scrambles to deal with the surprise outage, an officer finds the wreck and finds out from the victim’s purse that it’s Betty Carroll and she doesn’t have a pulse.

On the other hand, Frank tells Siobhan that he has not been keeping close contact with her daughter and hasn’t asked her how she is doing. In spite of all the problems he has been going through, that’s not something that he should be doing and promises to not drop the ball anymore. Siobhan feels happy about it and tells Frank that she’s dating someone. Meanwhile, Mare finds Siobhan’s project about her brother and gets emotional.

She, later on in Mare of Easttown episode 5, talks to her therapist about her struggles with Kevin and about his diagnoses. She talks about his mood disorder and how they took Kevin to see therapists and the medicines he was put on – some of them helped, but it still scared Mare. She then talks about her periods of depression as well as her father’s. When the therapist asks her how he dealt with it, she says that he shot himself. Mare goes on to ask her therapist whether this is hereditary because she is terrified that Drew will inherit it as well.

While Lori and her family come over for a visit to Mare’s house the following night, they tell her that Kenny told them whether they’d consider taking DJ in. Mare is confused and asks her whether they’re thinking about adoption and Lori says that they said that they’d think about it. Mare asks them whether they think Kenny hit Erin and they say that they don’t know, but Kenny wasn’t known for being the best person.

This is where they talk about Erin staying with Bill in Mare of Easttown episode 5. The latter looks extremely uncomfortable with the topic and tries to underplay the situation. He tells Mare that he doesn’t remember exactly but that Erin might have stayed for around 3 weeks with him. However, Lori reminds him that it was a couple of months at least. After dodging the questions, he leaves. Not suspicious at all, and that’s what Mare thinks as well.

Back at Bennie’s Tavern in Mare of Easttown episode 5, Katie is tending to Missy, who seems to be going through withdrawal symptoms, I think. She talks about how, at first, it was a blur for her as well and that there was another girl there with her named Hilary who took care of her. She apparently got pregnant by him and then disappeared… so that’s horrifying. Katie knows all of her captor’s routines and seems pretty obedient, which, I guess happens when you’ve been held captive long enough. It’s absolutely heartbreaking what’s going on and just how much Katie has given in.

In other news, Lori’s son Ryan gets in trouble at school after he beats a kid for bullying Moira. However, when Lori asks her what’s wrong, he refuses to answer and runs away. She catches up with him and asks if it’s about his father. When she asks him whether he’s cheating again with the same woman, he says yes while sobbing. Lori hugs her son and it’s just such a sad scene, especially because his dad had previously tried to manipulate him into staying quiet.

At Betty’s funeral, Helen asks Mare whether he has spoken to Frank. When the latter informs that she hasn’t, Helen says that Faye never went to check out their wedding reception hall. At the same venue, Betty’s husband announces in front of everyone that he had had an affair with Helen. What follows is an uncomfortable silence, to say the least. Of course, Mare cackles the entire way home.

Later on in Mare of Easttown episode 5, Zaber and Mare go on a “date” to discuss the case. Whilst out, Zaber seems to be taking this as an actual date while Mare seems absolutely disinterested. During a conversation about food, Mare cuts Zabel off and while he thinks it’s because they should try each other’s food, Mare tells him about Hilary. Although she makes a good point, it’s sad to see Zabel’s frustrated face at the moment.

Mare continues with her rude stride and kind of belittles Zabel, who then tells her that she is not showing any of her cards while he is showing all of his. He then asks her whether she’s trying to help him or herself. Well, and then she all but spells out that she went out with him to stay close to the case. So sad.

However, they sort it out later. And that’s all I’m gonna say about it.

Dylan, Jess and Sean are in something fishy as is evident when they break into Erin’s house and steal her diaries. The lowlife even steals DJ’s ear surgery money. As they burn the diaries, Jess seems to be the only one who is a bit repentant about what they are doing and keeps something in her pocket from one of the diaries. Listen, with Mare of Easttown episode 5 not giving many hints, my bet is that Dylan did something to Erin since Brianna also said that he wasn’t at home that night.

Things aren’t looking up for Deacon Mark either. After being assaulted by some kids, he spills the beans to Dan that he had met Erin the night that she was murdered. He picked her up and she was hysterical. As he was taking her home, someone texted her and told her to come to Brandywine Park. He dropped her there and left. Of course, Dan asks him whether he had anything to do with the case, and he asks, “If I said no, would you believe me?”

Zabel and Mare meet Allie, a woman who encountered the kidnapper. She tells them what happened and gives them a description of him. She also gives them a description of the van and a partial license plate. This seems like a huge break in the case for the two.

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  • Mare of easttown episode 5
  • Mare of easttown episode 5
  • Mare of easttown episode 5
  • Mare of easttown episode 5

Using the lead, the two talk to all the people who have a car of the same description after running it through Pennysylvania DMV. They end up at Bennie’s Tavern and talk to the owner who is all shades of shady. It’s is such a tense situation because Katie and Missy know that there are people out there, and Zabel and Mare know that something is going on there as well. The tense moment turns violent as there’s a firefight and people are injured. However, there’s a satisfying ending and the screen cuts to black as Mare thinks about the video of Kevin at the beach. Where she is at the moment seems really lonely though.

What I loved about this last scene is that it is done so well. There was some genuine tension and I legit held my breath as Mare tried to get away from Potts. The way she and Zabel made their way inside the house and the conversation they had with Potts was extremely tense and suspenseful. Additionally, they built up to this finale really well – it felt like everything that happened up until this point now makes sense. However, there are still two more episodes to go and we still have to figure out who killed Erin. My money is on Dylan.

Mare of Easttown episode 5 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Mare of Easttown episode 5 gives us a breathtaking last scene and some answers. There's a lot going for this show.
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