Hawkeye Episode 6 Review (Finale): Too Much in Too Little Time

Hawkeye Episode 6 titled ‘So This is Christmas?’ is now streaming on Disney+. The 55-minute episode stars Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Fra Fee, Vera Farmiga, Alaqua Cox, Florence Pugh, Vincent D’Onofrio, Tony Dalton and Linda Cardellini. Directed by Rhys Thomas, Jonathan Igla and Elisa Climent have written the last episode.

The synopsis reads, “Clint and Kate’s partnership is put to the test as they face the devastating consequences of exposing the conspiracy.”

Hawkeye Episode 6 Review Contains Spoilers

In Hawkeye Episode 5, we learn that it is Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) who runs Sloan, who also hired Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) to kill Clint and also killed Armand. Eleanor works for the big bad guy Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, played by Vincent D’Onfrio. In Hawkeye Episode 6, Eleanor tells Kingpin that she can’t do the bad business anymore. She decides to break their professional relationship for the sake of her daughter.

Yelena sends the recording of Kingpin and Eleanor’s conversation to Kate. Kingpin is not pleased with Eleanor Bishop’s decision to end the partnership. Another trouble knocking on his door is his niece Maya (Alaqua Cox). Maya questions her uncle about her father’s death and but doesn’t believe anything he says. Fisk is worried about Maya turning against him, but he also has to handle Eleanor. He tells Kazi to kill Eleanor at the Bishop Christmas party.

Hawkeye Episode 6 Review (Finale): Too Much in Too Little Time

After making some trick arrows together, Kate and Clint head to Eleanor’s party to save her life. But Yelena also arrives at the same party to kill Clint. Both Kazi and Kingpin are on the lookout for Eleanor. Maya wants to take her friend and uncle down. So, who will win and who will lose? That’s what is shown in the entire episode.

From episodes 1 to 5, the Disney+ Marvel series Hawkeye intrigued us with the Christmas theme, down-to-earth characters, suspense, a cute dog and by bringing in characters like Echo and Wilson Fisk. I expressed my concern in my previous review about how the makers will bring it all together in end. Well, the makers did make a mess by adding too many things in just one hour.

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Despite giving us the spectacular duo Clint-Kate and an emotional scene between Yelena-Clint, Hawkeye Episode 6 turned out to be weak. To conclude the story of every character introduced from the beginning, makers just rushed through the ending. Even the 55 minutes seems less for how great the build-up was!

I had no expectations of seeing Spider-Man or Daredevil in the show. I wanted Kate and Clint to fight the bad-est guys together. Sadly, the bad guy Kingpin adds hardly anything to the plot. All the hype about the ‘conspiracy’ goes downhill because of a weakly written finale. I am pretty sure if the show had more episodes, the makers would’ve concluded everything in a better way.

The Hawkeye finale had some good moments too. Kate and Clint are a powerful duo together. It aches me to see that all they did *together* is take down the tracksuit guys in the end! They’ve been doing this since the beginning. The elevator scene between Kate and Yelena is filled with good action and humour. Seeing Clint and Yelena share the same pain of losing Natasha Romanoff made me emotional.

Kate alone fights Wilson Fisk in the end. I was expecting to be startled. Sadly, the makers wanted to finish the fight quickly as they had other things to wrap up!

Hawkeye Episode 6 Review (Finale): Too Much in Too Little Time

Hawkeye Episode 6 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, too many plots have spoiled the fun in Hawkeye Episode 6. The characters (good or bad) involved are fantastic and deserves more time to shine. Jeremy Renner is terrific, and Hailee Steinfeld has made an outstanding entry in the MCU. The series leaves us with many questions and confusion. I hope they get explored in future series/movies.

The mid-credits scene is nothing like we’ve seen in MCU before. While all fans may not like it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The episode is now streaming on Disney+.

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Hawkeye Episode 6 Review: The final episode is longer in duration and high on disappointment.


  1. MCU did Wilson Fisk really bad ,I hate it

    I will be great cameo from Matt or Spider-Man will show off but nope ,it’s nothing

    First 25 minutes was great, but after that is big disappointed.

    Hawkeye’s Writers couldn’t make series.

    • I am okay with spidey and Matt not showing up. But they didn’t give Hawkeye a good conclusion. Tried to finish everything in one episode made it a confusing mess.

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Hawkeye Episode 6 Review (Finale): Too Much in Too Little TimeHawkeye Episode 6 Review: The final episode is longer in duration and high on disappointment.