Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? Trailer: Another Interesting Turkish Drama from Netflix

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? A question that many of us have asked our friends during our childhood. Very few people in the world are lucky to witness the light that comes out of these flies who are said to emit them when they have only one wing. Today, Netflix dropped a trailer that not only deals with this curiosity but many human emotions.

Netflix film Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? is a romantic and intense drama that stars Ecem Erkek, Yilmaz Erdogan, Ushan Çakir and Merve Dizdar. The Turkish drama is directed by Andaç Haznedaroglu. The trailer starts with a young girl Gülseren (Ecem Erkek) asking the question we have mentioned above about the fireflies.

In the next scene, we see an old woman asking the same question to a guy in his 20s, and he says ‘No’. When he asks her the same question, she answers, “They don’t show themselves. Not everyone can see them.” We get an idea that this old woman is the same young girl Gülseren who we saw at the beginning of the trailer. Old Gülseren has a huge photo album in her hand in which she is going through all the photos.

When Gülseren talks about her youth days, we get to see glimpses of her life. As a young woman, she was expelled from school because she was rebellious. She was fierce and spoke her mind without any hesitation. She would ask questions that many would not dare to speak of. In the trailer, we also get glimpses of her love life and all the tension that takes place later on.

It looks like fireflies are used as a metaphor to describe Gülseren’s life. The trailer looks quite adventurous and we can’t wait to see what more the makers have to offer. But from its YouTube description, it seems like a package full of emotions and drama. Netflix has described Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? as, “Rebellious, irreverent wunderkind Gülseren navigates loneliness, love and loss against the current of political turmoil and social change.”

Check out Have You Ever Seen Fireflies trailer below:

Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? isn’t the only Turkish original releasing on Netflix though. Earlier, we have seen Stuck Apart aka Azizler, Paper Lives, 50M2, already out for the audience. Some other upcoming originals as movies and series are Fatma, Midnight at the Pera Palace, Forty Rules of Love, the final season of The Gift aka Atiye, Love 101 and many others.

In the comments section of the trailer, people are showing their love for Turkish dramas. One person commented, “I mean Turkish industry is making history 💘 I LOVE TURKISH SERIES, MOVIES AND DRAMAS 💞”. Another person wrote, “This is looking so beautiful. I will definitely watch it.”

Meanwhile, Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? will be streaming on Netflix from April 9, 2021.

Did you like the trailer? Are you going to watch the movie? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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