Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses Episode 2 Review: Ravenclaw Versus Slytherin

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 2 focuses on the next two houses at hand- Slytherin and Ravenclaw. The Amazon Prime series is a dedicated quiz competition for Potterheads from all over the world to compete under their specific houses for the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Trophy. The show is hosted by The Queen actress Dame Helen Mirren who acts as the Mistress of Ceremonies for this grand event. With weekly episodic releases for the greatest house to win the cup, the second episode is about 43 minutes long testing your Harry Potter heart.

– Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 2 review does not contain spoilers –

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 2: Who Wins Next?

As it turned out in the previous episode, where Gryffindor housemates faced Hufflepuff, that the house that has seen the likes of the dedicated Nymphadora Tonks and Cedric Diggory (who if we should accept in all honesty could have won the Goblet of Fire if the tragedy did not strike) moved forward in the competition. Marking the twenty-year anniversary of the entire film franchise, the series continues to look for its champion as the next two houses descend on the panel to answer some really interesting questions.

In Dame Helen’s own words, this Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 2 holds witnesses to a clash of wit versus cunning, wisdom versus ambition– House Ravenclaw versus House Slytherin! In the same manner as last time, the players for the panel are picked which includes Vincent, Louise and Annie from House Ravenclaw and, Guilia, Michelle and Ryan. In the competition determined by ‘brain power’ versus the ‘lust for power’, both houses compete to successfully answer some easy and some difficult questions governing the Harry Potter fandom.

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Like the last episode, the four rounds that chronologically come are- The World of Harry Potter, The Dueling Club, The Department of Magical Games and The Golden Snitch. The theme of the evening for the third round for this episode is ‘Dumbledore’. However, this game is a little different and critical in the series as whoever wins this round heads straight to the final!

Meanwhile, in this episode, we welcome back actor Luke Youngblood (seen in the first HP flim- the Sorcerer’s Stone as Lee Jordan) as the official scorer of the event. But that is not all, as the House alumni grace the event too! Ravenclaw’s Moaning Myrtle, played by Shirley Henderson is welcomed as she poses a question to her House represent during the Dueling Club round. Similarly, for House Slytherin, actor Tom Felton, who plays the most recognizable Slytherin in the film franchise Draco Malfoy extends a question for his top House represent. We also see the face of Tonight Show, Jay Leno grace the event with his presence too.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 2: Final Thoughts

The second episode of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses makes the quiz show all the more interesting with the passage of time. Nail-biting questions are put forward but, only one of the two houses can move forward. To know the final outcome, you can stream the Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 2 now on Amazon Prime Video. If you want to read the review for the first episode of Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses, click here.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses Episode 2 hosts the show off between House Ravenclaw and House Slytherin.



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