Hacks to Bo Burnham: Inside, 2021 Comedy Shows & Stand-Ups That You Should Watch

The 2021 comedy shows and stand-up releases have been truly special. In a world overwhelmed with the pandemic, these were the ones that were responsible for our silly, little moments of laughter. A difficult genre to master, 2021 blessed our mundane lives with some hilarious shows that made us forget how dark the world had gotten with time. From Bo Burnham to Dave Chapelle, or a reunion that we finally got, the year has been for comedy dramas and stand-up specials and here are a few that you just cannot miss.

The Best 2021 Comedy Shows & Stand-Ups

Bo Burnham: Inside

Written, directed, filmed, edited, and performed by comedian Bo Burnham, this Netflix comedy special is probably the best art inspiration that the pandemic influenced. Essentially, a vlog of its own kind, the show is recorded in Burnham’s home during the COVID-19 pandemic without the presence of an audience or crew. It is Burnham’s personal diary read out loud but, like a song where we witness his life spent indoors, the effect it had on this mental health along with how the internet became everyone’s stage in both dark and light manner. Check out the trailer below.

You can watch the show, here. To read our review, click here.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 8

NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most loved shows all across the world. Starting from all the iconic lines by Gina to Jake and Amy’s weird, heartwarming romance, the show has been running since 2013. This year saw the audience bidding a hard goodbye to the show as the eighth season graced our screens. The award-winning series’ final season is emotional and warm. In case, you have not seen the show, we urgently recommend you prioritize it and catch it now on Netflix.


Legendary comedian diva Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) meets ‘cancelled’, down-on-her-luck comedy writer Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder), and reluctantly form the hilarious performer-writer duo that helps both sides. Hacks take a deeper look into the comedy world and what it is like for the stars who deliver us a live performance on stage, the fickle-minded fans always switching sides and a world that grows younger every day as you age. Check out the trailer below and watch the show now on HBO Max.

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Only Murders in the Building

Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, Only Murders in the Building features a unique leading cast that includes Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. Obsessed with true crime podcasts, our three actors in hand form an uncanny, fun friendship investigating a death in the Upper West Side. The show brilliantly tackles crime fiction with comic elements with making a satire but, a light comedy you can laugh out loud at. Check out the trailer for the series below and watch it either on Hulu or Disney+ Hotstar.

Dave Chapelle: The Closer

Written and performed by comedian Dave Chapelle, this Netflix special might not be the most ideal watch due to the controversy surrounding it but is definitely an important one to realize the difference that jokes are truly meant to be laughed at and not to offend someone. You can read all about the show by clicking here and deciding if you’d like to watch it or not.

Friends: The Reunion

The sitcom from the 90s has won hearts and changed television in a unique way, FRIENDS is a TV show that is not unheard or unwatched. The impact the show has created still lasts to this date, so much so that they talk about reunion has been in the air since forever. But, 2021 with all its drawbacks was the year that gifted us with the reunion. Filled with reminiscing old times and the actors just catching up, Friends: The Reunion is a heartwarming fun-filled HBO Special that is unmissable. You can check out the trailer for the show below.

Hope the recommendations are enjoyable. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite out of the list.

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