Guilty Minds Review: Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra in a Juicy Legal Drama

Guilty Minds is a legal drama TV series directed by Shefali Bhushan and Jayant Digambar Somalkar and stars Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra, Namrata Sheth, Sugandha Garg, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda, alongside other cast members. The series has 10 episodes, each episode with a runtime of 50 minutes.

Amazon Prime Video describes the series as:

Guilty Minds is a legal drama about one family that is the paragon of virtue and the other, a leading law firm dealing with all shades of grey.

– Guilty Minds review does not contain spoilers –

Throughout most of the runtime, Guilty Minds keeps reminding us that life and the law are messier than anything Kashaf or Vandana can think of. It’s also true – the series, with 10 almost 1-hour-long episodes, brings forth the dark and gritty world of the law. Each episode, whether Kashaf wins or loses the case, brings forth a topic that is messy and shocking but will make the audience really think of the consequences and implications.

Guilty Minds

The series weaves these different stories together with the lives of its protagonists Kashaf and Deepak. They are friends from law school but often find themselves against each other in court. Their ideologies, too, don’t always align but there’s a spark there somewhere that constantly draws the two towards each other.

Guilty Minds is a thoroughly enjoyable watch. The cases, although simplistic in their approach and get over soon, are fun and twisty in all the right ways. Plus, the series has an array of people coming in and out of the show thanks to the different stories that it brings forth. If you are interested in maybe catching your favourite entertainer somewhere, then that’s a plus here.

Coming to the stories – yes, they are simple and end fairly easily and quickly. However, the stories themselves are quite interesting and border on grey instead of black or white. Most of the time, as Kashaf fights for justice, you too wonder who could’ve been wrong. Some stories are better than the others but all are entertaining regardless. Moreover, the series tries to introduce new concepts which I, frankly, extremely enjoyed watching. The series does put the “guilty minds” as a concept to the forefront where no one is really innocent in any way.

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Guilty Minds

The chemistry between the leads is infectious, especially in the courtroom. Out of it, the relationship is more cutesy. But when in the courtroom, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Varun Mitra work off each other extremely well and are really nice to watch working with each other. Their personal lives and relationships, however, are more complicated affairs. Every character has a demon in their closet that they need to figure out. And as much as the cases are complicated, their intertwined lives are more interesting and arresting.

Shriya Pilgaonkar, is, as usual, absolutely amazing as the fiery and law-abiding Kashaf. On the other hand, Varun Mitra, with his playful smile and easy-going attitude is absolutely charming both in and out of the court. Everyone else, including Sugandha Garg and Namrata Sheth, are excellent in their roles and add so much more to the story. Family drama is what I crave and these messy relationships will totally give you a good taste of it.

Summing up: Guilty Minds

Guilty Minds

Guilty Minds is a fun watch. It’s entertaining, has tons of messy, dramatic relationships and a new case in every episode that won’t bore you in any way. The protagonists work off each other extremely well and are delightful. All in all, it’s a great series to binge on if you’re in the mood for something light this weekend.

Guilty Minds is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Guilty Minds is a delicious drama show that will keep you entertained throughout its almost 10-hour-long runtime.


  1. Different series away from usual crime, bloodshed or political negativities.Legal drama could have been slipped into boring fiesco if subject had not been given a realstic treatment with changing cases upholding the main message that for a lawyer his client is above of all.In this profession sentiments may affect lawyer but profession demands a emotion empty attitude from a professional.Shefali took work from all the deppts very well and proved herselfvas focussed director.

    All Young actors performed exceedingly well and could not be overshadowed by the presence of veterans.

    Shreya,Varun and Pranay need specific mention and are not found guilty of any kind of over or underperformance, balanced themselves well.Promising Pranay with strong screen presence, performance and good looks may prove a strong contender in Bollywood very soon.
    Overall ,a must watch.

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Guilty Minds is a delicious drama show that will keep you entertained throughout its almost 10-hour-long runtime.Guilty Minds Review: Shriya Pilgaonkar, Varun Mitra in a Juicy Legal Drama