Green Mothers Club Episode 8 Recap: Lee Yo-won Promises Revenge

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 8 is titled Your Downright Lie and has a runtime of 68 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 8 recap contains major spoilers! –
– TW: Mentions of suicide and sexual assault –

Gossip soars high among the moms after Eun-pyo gets slapped at Jin-ha’s funeral. Chun-hui continues to spew absolute garbage about Eun-pyo, keeping it vague enough for everyone to question and enquire but not forceful so that people don’t suspect her. Later, Yun-ju spots Man-su talking to Chun-hui in the parking lot and is immediately suspicious of their cagey behaviour. This is more so because she had once intercepted a text between Man-su and Chun-hui and had promised to divorce him if he did something like that again. She gets physically sick after watching this but on the ride home, when he enquires what’s wrong with her, she doesn’t say anything.

green mothers club episode 8
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 8

On the other hand, Jae-ung decides to talk to Chun-hui’s drug dealer (or pimp?). Things are a little questionable on that front and we really are not able to understand whether Chun-hui is selling drugs or if she is an escort, but obviously, there is an implication that she is one or the other… or maybe both. The next day, Chun-hui calls Yun-ju to her place and asks her why she had sent her the threatening letter. The latter blabbers that she has done no such thing but Chun-hui presses her for more information.

Yun-ju accepts that she did, in fact, send the letter after Chun-hui tells her that Man-su is her ex-boyfriend. She is shocked at how casually Chun-hui can mention these things but the latter just calls her childish for making a big deal out of something this insignificant. Enraged, Yun-ju tells her that she saw her talking to her husband in the parking lot and Chun-hui laughs and tells her that her husband keeps trying to contact her – that he isn’t over her.

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green mothers club episode 8
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 8

Yun-ju meets Eun-pyo later that day and she asks her why she’s letting Chun-hui frame her as the mistress. Eun-pyo tells her that as long as her family is on her side, she’s fine with it – she doesn’t want to get into these meaningless fights. The next day, Eun-pyo seems much happier and makes her kids’ lunch boxes with care. Jae-ung sees the changes too and seems happy as well. It’s Dong-seok’s first day at the School for Gifted Students. The energy and happiness are infectious and Dong-seok makes a great impression on his first day.

However, not everything is fine at Chun-hui’s home. After receiving some horrible news, she goes to Yu-bin’s school and from the looks of it, Yu-bin has implicated Dong-seok of molesting her and Su-in. Chun-hui is, obviously, enraged and confronts the teachers of the school and asks Yun-ju to ask Su-in as well. Su-in starts to cry when Yun-ju asks her and she imagines the worst. Chun-hui is furious when she meets Yun-ju later, and promises to throw the family out. That night, she does what anyone should do when something as horrible happens – she airs her dirty laundry on social media.

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green mothers club episode 8
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 8

Eun-pyo is oblivious of all this happening and when she takes her boys to soccer practice, she comes across all the moms waiting for her. When the moms tell her what Dong-seok has apparently done, she is flabbergasted (as are we, honestly). They all ask her to leave with her family but Eun-pyo is just too shocked to react to this. The moms threaten to take this to the police and they ask her to leave quietly.

At home, she asks Dong-seok whether he actually did something like this, especially since two people saw it happening. Dong-seok vehemently denies it but Eun-pyo isn’t ready to believe him. When he starts crying out of fear and frustration, Jae-ung tells her to believe her son when he says no to something like this. He further asks her how she’s different from the other women if she harasses her son as well.

That night, Eun-pyo goes to meet Yun-ju to talk to Su-in. However, Yun-ju refuses to traumatize her daughter more and asks her to get lost. She further mentions that since Dong-seok is a gifted child, it would be easier for him to do these things and get away with them. Although Eun-pyo tries to defend her son, Yun-ju is having none of it and leaves her, crying. Jae-ung and Eun-pyo discuss whether they should move but Eun-pyo refuses to leave before clearing Dong-seok’s name.

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green mothers club episode 8
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 8

Eun-pyo, however, finds several thorns on her path to justice for her son. Unfortunately for Chun-hui, though, she overhears her daughter talking to herself and admitting that she has framed Dong-seok and is planning to get rid of Su-in as well in order to reclaim her “number one” spot. She confronts her daughter and a little pressure breaks her immediately. Chun-hui tries to teach her daughter that what she did was horrible but she plots further with her daughter and decides to not tell anyone about this since things can get very bad for her if people get to know the truth.

Meanwhile, Eun-pyo gets to know from the gifted school that apparently, Dong-seok was wearing red underwear during the alleged assault. Talking to Su-in, against her parents’ wishes, proves fruitful after Su-in tells her that she had lied. Apparently, Yu-bin threatened to tell everyone that if she didn’t lie with her, she’d tell everyone that Yun-ju worked in the supermarket. Weirdly, Yun-ju starts hitting Man-su, blaming him for causing this mess.

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green mothers club episode 8
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 8

The two mothers meet at the moms meet, ready to confront Chun-hui. The two of them tell the entire group what happened but here, too, Chun-hui tries to frame her by mentioning that they can both be lying together since Eun-pyo has a history of lying. Having had enough, Eun-pyo throws water at Chun-hui’s face and promises to see this till the end.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 8

I really wonder what Eun-pyo was thinking when she threatened to kill Chun-hui in front of several people. This might not be a big deal, but when your son is unfairly charged for molesting someone and you are charged with having an affair with a dead woman’s husband, it goes to say that you need to keep your head together and keep a lid on what you’re saying in public.

Anyway, what an episode! The episode was more about the kids and their mentalities than the moms. It’s interesting how every child has gone after their parents, especially their mothers since they spend so much time with them. I wonder where Yu-bin got such an idea from since children that small don’t usually know things like that or are at a stage where they can make such serious claims. Did she hear something at home? Maybe, who knows. Poor Su-in is the secondary character in this mess, wedged in the middle of the giving and receiving end of this hellish nightmare.

green mothers club episode 8
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 8

Moreover, the Yeong-mi angle promises to give good leads because it now seems like her husband might have had something to do with Jin-ha’s death. Plus, we have seen sometimes that he’s not really a great guy, with his anger issues and manipulative tendencies. Of course, there isn’t much to go on yet, but it’s still an angle worth getting into. I am also interested to know why Man-su acts so cagey around his wife. If he has nothing to hide and isn’t doing anything negative, then why isn’t he discussing stuff with his wife? Does he know about Chun-hui and wants to protect her? At this point, your wildest imagination might just be the possible outcome.

That being said, I think the episode showcases how vile and desperate people can be but made me feel a bit icky. I realise that the kids play an important part in the show but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth to see kids accusing other kids of sexual assault. It’s a bit much. Does it happen? Definitely. Apart from the ick factor, I was definitely intrigued to know the truth when the news first broke. The series played this part well and gave enough information till you came across the truth to keep you questioning.

Apart from some major drama, we are no closer to finding out the truth but standing at the halfway mark, I’d say there is definitely time for this to catch up.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 8 is another interesting episode focusing on the kids which definitely has a shocking factor attached to it.

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Green Mothers Club episode 8 is another interesting episode focusing on the kids which definitely has a shocking factor attached to it.Green Mothers Club Episode 8 Recap: Lee Yo-won Promises Revenge