Green Mothers Club Episode 4 Recap: Lee Yo-won Gets Her Win

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 4 is titled Entering Green Mothers’ Club and has a runtime of 66 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 4 recap contains major spoilers! –

Green Mothers Club episode 4 starts with Chun-hui and Jin-ha going against each other’s throats at the mothers’ meet. When that’s over, Chun-hui and her cohorts get frustrated while Jin-ha goes back home to find Yeong-mi’s husband waiting for her. On the other hand, Eun-pyo gets to know more about her son’s gift and abilities. The more she learns the reasonings behind her son’s actions, the more impressed she is. For the first time, Eun-pyo looks truly happy.

Green mothers club episode 4
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 4

Jin-ha, meanwhile, talks to Gun-woo about her work and passions. The latter seems to be quite interested in her. Ether way, Eun-pyo goes around the next day to find the best way to teach her son so that he doesn’t get burnt out or bullied. She goes to Chun-hui’s meeting and later convinces her to let Dong-seok join her son’s team at an upcoming contest. However, Chun-hui won’t believe her so-called friend so easily.

Man-su, meanwhile, goes out with Ju-seok, who, after getting very drunk, asks him whether he told anyone about how Ju-seok killed someone. Man-su promises that he hasn’t told anyone but he seems extremely uncomfortable with the entire situation. However, things get worse for Yun-ju, whose spot with Yu-bin’s team is taken by Dong-seok. Yun-ju tries to insult Dong-seok to Eun-pyo, who tells her to watch what she’s saying.

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Green mothers club episode 4
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 4

Later, Eun-pyo gets a job as a ghostwriter and she gets to know too late that she has to work with Luis. However, she has to take the job when she learns that science class will require a lot of money. In said science class, Eun-pyo has to console her crying son when the other children throw a fit about him joining. However, afterwards, the results shock all the mothers. Chun-hui’s demeanour changes the morning after and she’s very friendly with Eun-pyo.

Shockingly the mothers learn after reaching school that Yun-ju has joined Jin-ha’s team which propels Eun-pyo to win in the Rube Goldberg Competition even more. She later works with Luis to write his book as a ghostwriter where he tries to find his past and where he came from to understand himself better and document his life, while also helping his son understand his father.

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Green mothers club episode 4
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 4

In between taking care of her genius of a son and her own work, Eun-pyo’s hands are full and the day of the competition is here. In the venue’s bathroom, Jin-ha corners Eun-pyo and asks her whether they can be friends, but the team has other things to worry about because, of course, Eun-pyo forgot to get the cardboard needed for the competition. Dong-seok comes up with an alternative and goes off for the competition while the mothers act like absolute kids outside, throwing a fit and fighting.

As the competition comes to an end and everyone is tensed during the results, of course, Dong-seok’s team wins the Grand Prize, effectively shutting everyone up.  Everyone is super excited and decides to go on a moms’ night out where they discuss how they met their partners. It’s awkward when Eun-pyo’s turn comes around and she lies about her husband and his occupation.

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Green mothers club episode 4
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 4

Shockingly, after dinner, they go clubbing and when Jin-ha is too drunk to function, Yun-ju and Chun-hui leave Eun-pyo with the almost unconscious Jin-ha and she is tasked to take her back home. Jin-ha continues blabbering about how much she likes Eun-pyo and then proceeds to throw up on her, much to Luis’s dismay. Eun-pyo is about to go home after a change of clothes when Luis stops her in the hallway and leans in, which Jin-ha witnesses.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 4

Yep, Green Mothers Club is definitely picking up pace. In between Dong-seok’s revelation and Eun-pyo’s transformation as well as Luis’s mysterious connection with both her and Jin-ha and the other mothers behaving like kids, it’s interesting watching all this go down. I think it’s doing a great job at giving us all of these different stories in an orderly fashion.

Green mothers club episode 4
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 4

I am still a little confused with the Man-su storyline and wonder where that is going. I hope it’s something constructive that reaches some sort of end goal. At most, let’s hope they don’t just forget about it in the middle of the show somewhere. I am also very interested to see where Yun-ju ends up. Considering her high expectations and aspirations regarding her daughter and her unfair demands from her husband, she’s in for a shitstorm. I am pretty sure Man-su is the answer to a lot of questions here, one such being Chun-hui and her mysterious texts (maybe).

Either way, hopefully, Green Mothers Club gives us more than just silly banter and catfights. This episode, at least, has been quite the entertainment.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 4 continues its streak of good episodes and this one gives our dear protagonist her first win.

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Green Mothers Club episode 4 continues its streak of good episodes and this one gives our dear protagonist her first win.Green Mothers Club Episode 4 Recap: Lee Yo-won Gets Her Win