Green Mothers Club Episode 12 Recap: Eun-pyo and Chun-hui Become Besties?

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 12 is titled Can Adults Become Friends Without Motives Too? and has a runtime of 68 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 12 recap contains major spoilers! –

“Can adults become friends without motives too?”

Green Mothers Club episode 12 asks this question – a fair question, considering the nature of life in Eun-pyo’s world and where her and Chun-hui’s children have come thanks to the competition between the kids as well as the mothers. As the series starts, Chun-hui opens up to Eun-pyo about what she has been going through with Yu-bin as both of their kids play together. As she opens up, Eun-pyo realises that she is on the same boat as Chun-hui and opens up to her as well.

green mothers club episode 12
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 12

Meanwhile, Yun-ju is totally soaking up her fighter phase and all the moms are somehow lapping it all up. It’s actually very cute. As Eun-pyo gets to know from Yun-ju that Yu-bin hasn’t been going to class for some time, she invites Chun-hui over for lunch. It’s adorable and almost festive to watch the two women and four children getting along with each other. Almost like things are perfect in that moment.

But on the other hand, Jae-ung is after the drugged woman whom Chun-hui “helped” in the hotel. He tells her that she should get in touch with him with any information since they aren’t after the customers, but rather, the sellers. The story spreads like wildfire and before long, Won-tae is trying to make his boss lay low for a while. However, the latter tells him to show Chun-hui through actions that he’s being serious. When Chun-hui gets home from a grocery run, she is shocked to find Won-tae standing in the playground and calling her. She drives off and looks fearful as she continues to get threatening phone calls and texts from Won-tae.

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green mothers club episode 12
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 12

When she still isn’t able to get home thanks to Won-tae, she runs off to camp without preparation. The next day, still unsure whether going home is safe or not, she calls Eun-pyo over to the campsite but asks her to bring some things over for her. As Chun-hui and the kids are almost giving up hope, Eun-pyo and her kids join them. However, the latter seems a little suspicious of Chun-hui’s sporadic plan. Nevertheless, the moms and their kids have a lot of fun in the snow and everyone’s smiles are adorable.

After the kids go to sleep, the mothers spend some time talking to each other. Eun-pyo opens up about not seeing things properly until going to Jin-ha’s place recently but Chun-hui says that her greed and anxiety also made her blind and hurt Eun-pyo in the process. They apologise for these things but Eun-pyo shares that she’s scared that Jin-ha killed herself because of her, that she pushed her over the edge mentally. When she asks Chun-hui what happened that night, the latter tells her that it’s better that she doesn’t know the truth – nothing good will come of it. But she assures her that Jin-ha didn’t die because of her.

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green mothers club episode 12
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 12

However, tragedy strikes the next morning when the kids eat macarons and Dong-ju has an allergic reaction to the nuts. As everyone starts panicking and Chun-hui rushes to a hospital. However, considering the campground is far away and thanks to an accident on the road, getting him to a hospital on time turns out to be impossible. As Dong-ju starts to lose consciousness, Chun-hui makes the decision to whip out her own stash of medicines and gives him a shot that immediately makes him feel better. Honestly, a crisis averted.

Meanwhile, Yeong-mi is on a mission to find out more about Geon-u. She figures out the password to his computer and logs in to find something horrible. A folder titled ‘Muse’ consists of hundreds of images and videos of Jin-ha – something she is absolutely horrified to come across. Meanwhile at the hospital, Eun-pyo thanks chun-hui for her help. But when Jae-ung rushes in, she excuses herself and goes home. When she goes home, however, she finds her house trashed and her husband beaten. He then has the audacity to tell her to get them some money.

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green mothers club episode 12
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 12

In a flashback, we see that Ju-seok was the one who killed the patient but Chun-hui took the fall in lieu of marriage. Well, that was the worst decision for her, it seems at this point.

That night, as Eun-pyo thanks a heartbroken Chun-hui for all that she did, Yeong-mi faces off against her husband who gaslights her to no extent. He tells her that he indeed slept with her and that Jin-ha was her muse but Yeong-mi is her companion and some other crap that doesn’t make sense. However, he knows that she won’t leave her since that would ruin her reputation, making her a divorcee again. What a sad sight to behold.

At work the next day, Eun-pyo hears of Jin-ha’s naked pictures circulating around. Meanwhile, we get to see a mystery woman, Rhea Benuel, who apparently looks exactly like Jin-ha.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 12

I swear, if the series introduces a twin sister angle, I will flip a table or something. I don’t think I can take long-lost twins. I don’t want to take it or acknowledge it. However, with what I see, I fear that that is where we are going. With only 4 more episodes, was this necessary? Also, I am not going to think that Jin-ha is alive because we literally saw her dead body. That would be too much, even for a dramatic revelation.

green mothers club episode 12
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 12

Absolutely ignoring that last part, I really enjoyed this episode. And yes, it is because we are slowly starting to see what Geon-u might have something to do with Jin-ha’s death. However, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that Louis is involved in Jin-ha’s death as well? Something’s off and it better not be a twin sister. Just, please, no.

Other than that, I loved watching the kids playing together and the Eun-pyo and Chun-hui getting close. I like their friendship when Chun-hui isn’t acting like she wants to end the world. It’s also one of the first times I have seen Yu-bin laugh as much and watching the kids playing and eating together without any added stress was great.

green mothers club episode 12
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 12

At some point, I also felt heartbroken for Chun-hui. She’s a lot of things, but you can’t help but feel sympathy for her. The woman has really been dealt with a crap hand at life and is really trying the best she can. Has she been the best person till now? Definitely not. But at least there’s some sympathy to be spared when you find Ju-seok as her husband. What a pathetic excuse of a man.

Either way, Green Mothers Club episode 12 proposes that sometimes pain can bring you together and it’s a sweet thought through and through.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club Episode 12 does well with giving us sweetness... and a TWIN?!

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