Gora (2022) Review: Ritwick Chakraborty Series is Extremely Watchable

Gora is a detective TV series directed by Sayantan Ghosal and stars Ritwick Chakraborty, Ishaa Saha, and Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, alongside other cast members. The series has 8 episodes, each around 20 minutes long.

Hoichoi describes the series as:

A serial killer is targetting the literary greats of Kolkata. Private ‘defective’ Gourab Sen, aka Gora, has a reputation as a serial killer specialist. No wonder it falls upon the eccentric detective to unmask the killer!

– Gora review contains mild spoilers –

I was almost of the opinion that Gora’s starting was taking too long to start. However, what it provides next took me quite by surprise and never really let me go. The mystery is tight and you wonder who in their right minds would give people nib teeth. The idea is novel and the director has created a gripping and extremely funny tale with the detective series.

Gora looks as much into Gourab and Satyaki’s relationship as it looks at the murders at hand. The series is extremely funny in most places and the two’s camaraderie is something to look out for. I loved watching their interactions especially because their chemistry is so organic and easy. Gora is the Bengali version of Sherlock and the similarities are evident and sometimes a bit in-your-face.


The thing about Sherlock, though, is that he was crazy and eccentric but not straight-up abusive. Gourab is the caricature of the eccentric detective who throws a deuce ball at Satyaki’s face. I mean, apart from the horrible verbal abuse, there’s also some very choice physical abuse in the mix. Sure, some of the eccentricities are funny but most can play with your patience a bit.

Either way, it never really gets in the way of the mystery at hand. The murders are grizzly and deliciously unhinged and the runtime is short enough to enjoy it to the fullest. The series never tries to be something that it is not, which I am thankful for and stays true to the mystery at hand.

Gora’s last episode has all the answers to the questions set up in the first 7 episodes. The answer to the problem is somewhat known and also unknown. The incident that triggers it all is an issue that is go-to for most shows. I find it annoying that people cannot come up with more ingenuine reasons for revenge to take place. The need to target a women’s modesty is done to death. Sure, it’s easy to pull out hatred from it, but literally, anything else would look and feel more accomplished than this.

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Either way, the ending isn’t stupid at least and the solution to the bigger and smaller mysteries is wrapped up well. There aren’t many plot holes or stupid logic that might make you slap yourself, so that’s a plus. The round table mystery exploration is something we have seen in detective shows for a long time and this series, too, takes that inspiration from them.

Ritwick Chakraborty is delightfully unhinged as Gourab. Ok, a bit annoying sometimes, but he embodies the character really well. To be fair, Chakraborty has several good roles and characters under his professional belt, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. But either way, he makes the role his own. Suhotra Mukhopadhyay also does a great job. Honestly, he is the best part of this show. Ishaa Saha’s story is a subplot that has got nothing to do with the actual mystery, but it’s interesting to watch nevertheless.

Gora looks and feels great as well and the stellar production quality is evident. The opening music has a hint of Satyajit Ray there somewhere but that starting name sequence just looks cheap and done by a child.

Summing up: Gora


Gora series is a light and easy-breezy watch for those of you in need of a Bengali detective fix. It flows well, the mystery is tight and the interactions between the detective and the sidekick are mostly hilarious, sans some disturbing verbal and physical abuse. The actors portray their characters superbly and honestly, it’s great entertainment for the family to bond over.

Gora is streaming on Hoichoi.

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Gora is an entertaining watch but that the reason for the insanity brings it down due to how overbaked it is.

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Gora (2022) Review: Ritwick Chakraborty Series is Extremely WatchableGora is an entertaining watch but that the reason for the insanity brings it down due to how overbaked it is.