Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review: Scattered All Over the Place!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife stars Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Logan Kim, and Paul Rudd. Directed by Jason Reitman, he wrote the film along with Gil Kenan. It is based on Ivan Reitman’s 1984 film ‘Ghostbusters’. The film has Eric Steelberg’s cinematography and Rob Simonsen’s music.

The synopsis by Sony Pictures reads, “In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mother and her two kid move to a new small town, they uncover their link to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy.”

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review Contains No Spoilers

In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, an older man tries to capture a ghost but is killed in the process. He is Dr. Egon Spengler, a former Ghostbuster, lived in a little Oklahoma town called Summerville. His dirty house and equipment are inherited by his daughter Callie (Carrie Coon) and her children Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (McKenna Grace). Callie, a single mother, works hard to make ends meet and is relieved to have found a new shelter. She seems unaffected by the death of her father, who abandoned her as a child.

In Summerville, Callie, Phoebe and Trevor befriend a teacher Mr Grooberson (Paul Rudd), Podcast (Logan Kim) and Lucky (Celeste O’Connor), respectively. Their new life in the small town isn’t off to a good start, and that’s just the start of the unusual and disturbing adventure. Phoebe learns more about her grandfather, including who he really was and what his big mission was.

Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan have attempted to tell a new story by adding enough dose of the original Ghostbusters. They wanted to create a nostalgic impression, but it just made the story more complicated. Ghostbusters: Afterlife doesn’t immediately catch your interest in the beginning. In the first 30 minutes, there are a lot of mediocre jokes that make you wonder what we’ll be offered till the end.

Thankfully, once the Summerville tale gets going, you’ll be hooked for a while. Phoebe and her friend Podcast discover about the Ghostbusters, her grandfather’s quest, his ghost-trapping equipment, and the town’s dark history. But Reitman and Kenan thought that wasn’t enough, so they slapped in some tedious scenes with Trevor-Lucky and Callie-Grooberson.

The build-up to the climax was thrilling, but I found myself saying ‘WTF’ multiple times during those 20 minutes. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise; rather, it was a letdown. The makers went overboard with their conclusion, including several cringe-worthy moments between Callie-Grooberson and the kids. They extended it to the point where I lost interest halfway through and didn’t care whether the ghosts or humans won.

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When it comes to performances, my favourite is Logan Kim’s Podcast. Kim had a lot of entertaining scenes and dialogues that he performed quite well. Mckenna Grace’s performance as Phoebe has some good moments, but you wish she had more dialogue than silence. Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon don’t have any standout scenes, but they do a fair job with their characters. Paul Rudd is completely wasted.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the horror-comedy fails to deliver both horror and comedy. It’s scattered all over the place. When you think the narration is getting better, they mess it up by incorporating boring elements.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review: The horror-comedy falls short of horror and comedy as well!


  1. This movie sucked

    Way way way too childish!
    It should have just been a stand alone movie called Ghost Hunters or something not tried to cash in on the originals.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review: Scattered All Over the Place!Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review: The horror-comedy falls short of horror and comedy as well!