Furioza Review: Mateusz Banasiuk in a Gritty and Intense Ride

Here’s a movie that is sure to get you fired up. Furioza, which translates to “Furious” in English, is the latest Netflix action film. Directed by Cyprian T. Olencki and starring Mateusz Banasiuk, Weronika Ksiazkiewicz, Mateusz Damiecki, Lukasz Simlat, Wojciech Zielinski, Szymon Bobrowski, Janusz Chabior and Sebastian Stankiewicz, Furioza is an action-packed film about the difficult choices people face in life. The Netflix movie has a runtime of approximately 80 minutes.

– Furioza review doesn’t contain any spoilers –

Furioza Is Dotted With the Perfect Amount of Action and Grit

Furioza promises to be a tense film with lots of action sequences. The Polish movie focuses on a policewoman who forces her ex-lover to make a difficult choice. He either has to become a police informant, or his brother will be sentenced to prison for a long time. Their relationship will be tested as becoming an informant is a perilous choice, even with the police assisting him from the sidelines.


Furioza features several intense scenes that reveal just how dangerous the mission will be. This movie has lots of action and features several fight sequences and explosions. It’s unclear what kind of information police want the characters to divulge, but it’s clear that it has something to do with the mob because there’s lots of talk about gangsters in the movie.

The film requires praise for its intense action sequences, gritty storytelling and dark humour. Netflix subscribers will also enjoy the film’s strong protagonist, tough, smart and determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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The Action Sequences in Furioza Will Take You to the Edge

This situation is not new, as many different stories have been told throughout history. It’s an interesting situation because it puts someone in danger while trying to get someone else out of trouble. This is why movies like this are so exciting and fun to watch because they give you the action and stir you towards the sense of mystery in the plot.


Furioza is sure to please fans of similar titles like Operation Hyacinth, Ultraviolet and The Land, which are currently also streaming on Netflix. Furioza will bring a touch of style and grit to the Netflix library. It’s also one of the more unique entries in the genre because it’s set in Poland instead of the United States.

It’s unclear how many people in the States have been exposed to crime thrillers from this region, but they’re worth checking out. There’s always something new to discover when you branch out into foreign-language films and TV shows, even those not necessarily set far away from your home country.

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With Furioza, You’re Constantly Seeking Out More in Every Detail

The first thing you notice about Furioza is its dark, moody atmosphere. The film has a very noirish feel, with its subdued colours and muted lighting. The colour palette is primarily grey and black, with only occasional splashes of colour. There are also lots of dark corridors and nighttime scenes. This gives the film a gritty, realistic look that helps to set it apart from other Polish films. While the cinematography is nothing extraordinary, it does help to create an atmosphere that draws you into the story.


It’s another gritty Polish action film that focuses on how difficult it can be for law enforcement officials to take down criminals in the black market. This promises to be a tense film with many action sequences and interesting characters.

Stream It or Skip It?


This might be right up your alley if you love gritty crime movies. This is an action movie, so it’s hard to imagine that the film will be without its fair share of action sequences. It does show off some intense fight scenes between the main characters.

Furioza is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Furioza has lots of action and features several fight sequences and explosions.

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Furioza has lots of action and features several fight sequences and explosions.Furioza Review: Mateusz Banasiuk in a Gritty and Intense Ride