Freedom Fight (2022) Review: Jeo Baby Anthology Film Talks Freedom and Standing Up For Yourself

Freedom Fight is a drama anthology film directed by Akhil Anilkumar, Jeo Baby, Francies Louis, Kunjila Mascillamani, and Jithin Issac Thomas, and stars Rajisha Vijayan, Joju George, Rohini, Srindaa, and Sidhartha Siva, alongside other cast members. The film consists of 5 short films and has a collective runtime of around 150+ minutes.

– Freedom Fight review does not contain major spoilers –

The first short is Geethu Unchained. After cancelling her engagement with a rather controlling guy, chatterbox Geethu is in quite the bind. The failed engagement did not go over well for, well, anyone honestly and now she must pick up the pieces and move on somehow. Oftentimes funny and at other times heartwarming, our independent Geethu’s life doesn’t seem that independent when you look into it with a fine-toothed comb. Either way, the sentiment behind the short is noteworthy – not caring about what others think, standing up for yourself and having the confidence to do what you love. It’s a bit hit-or-miss but gets the point across regardless.

Freedom Fight

The next one is The Unorganised. This one hits close to home and is, frankly, my worst nightmare. I think all women have faced the issue of not finding toilets when in need, right? Yup, this one is about that. Freedom can constitute a lot of things and women not getting a safe space to do the most natural and basic functions is also a form of control. As the men in the short constantly say, men don’t have these problems.

So, by forcing women to either not use the washroom for 10-11 hours per day or do it in extremely unhygienic places which can cause horrible diseases, employers, or rather, men, try to exert control and dominance. So, will the female workers in a busy shopping district be able to find that freedom? The short is hard-hitting because of how layered it is. It’s sexism that we see every day but choose to ignore. It’s horrifying to watch and more horrifying to think that it’s the truth for hundreds and thousands of Indian working women.

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Freedom Fight

Ration, our next short, is about the labours of love in the kitchen. So, what do women have to do to keep a household together that no one gets to know? The planning, the preparation and the headache of doing everything without anyone even getting to know. What do our mothers do to keep the household running smoothly, without us knowing? This short is more nuanced, but the messaging is clearer than ever and will leave you with a broken heart.

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Freedom Fight

The next short, Old Age Home, has two women in a household taking care of dementia-inflicted Baby George, or Shaji. While his wife must take care of everything on top of her husband, their house help Dhanu, who has demons of her own, has very different views when it comes to taking care of his health and the house.

However, what does it feel like to be trapped in your own home? Do people’s wishes just evaporate when they are diagnosed with a sickness? A little controversial, in my opinion, but the short tries to portray illnesses in a softer light. Sure, giving a diabetes patient sweet every day is equal to a death sentence but sometimes, the heart wants what it wants.

Of course, that’s not the only problem here. Lali and Dhanu’s miserable existence is also as much a cause for concern as Shaji’s manchild behaviour. Forgetting everything sure is difficult but their kids asking Lali to give up her own hopes and dreams only to live for her husband is beyond cruel, especially when the first part of her life has been spent taking care of these kids. It’s a no-win situation where you feel bad for everyone.

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Freedom Fight

Black and white short Emperor Has an Urge to Shit is about people who clean septic tanks. Look, the idea itself is horrendous and making another person do this instead of automating the entire thing should not be anything other than fiction. Watching people cleaning up another person’s shit is just not it. On top of that, the harassment that everyone from the profession has to face is heartbreaking. I don’t think I want to discuss too much about this one because I don’t want to give anything away since it’s a short but hard-hitting film, but is a difficult watch and will make you question your privileged life. So, what exactly is freedom?

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Freedom Fight

Freedom Fight is a hard-hitting anthology film. While some are more gruesome than others, all are interesting and ask one simple question – what is freedom to you? At the end of the day, it’s mostly about getting equal rights and respect. Why do some people get more rights than others? Why do some people get to dictate how another person can live their lives? When did we give another person the right to tell us what’s good for us? Freedom Fight asks some of these questions and then some more. Be ready to feel uncomfortable, ask yourself several questions and reflect on how you interact with the people around you.

Summing up: Freedom Fight

If you push people enough, they are bound to fight back. Whether it be at home or at work, you don’t get to only take from people and expect them to not retaliate. No one should just accept their fate at the hands of their harassers. The anthology is tight and well-made. Some stories are better than others, as is a somewhat norm in anthologies, but either way, it’s one you should watch if you liked The Great Indian Kitchen.

Freedom Fight is streaming on SonyLIV.

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Jeo Baby's Freedom Fight is an engaging watch and its 5 anthologies all do a splendid job of bringing the struggles of different people to the limelight.

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Jeo Baby's Freedom Fight is an engaging watch and its 5 anthologies all do a splendid job of bringing the struggles of different people to the limelight.Freedom Fight (2022) Review: Jeo Baby Anthology Film Talks Freedom and Standing Up For Yourself