Forgive Us Our Trespasses Recap: Is Forgiveness Really Divine?

Directed by Ashley Eakin, Forgive Us Our Trespasses is Netflix’s latest short drama set against the backdrop of Nazi Germany. Produced by Aaron Barnett, the film is written by Ashley Eakin and Shawn Lovering. The film features Knox Gibson, Hanneke Talbot and Justin Mader. The runtime of this heartfelt drama is 14 minutes. The film has Hindi and English audio and subtitles only.

– Forgive Us Our Trespasses Recap Does Not Contain Spoilers –

A Bitter Boy/Story Ink production movie, Forgive Us Our Trespasses starts with a quote from the famous theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a huge part in taking the side of the anti-Nazi resistance. The title of the film is a line picked up from the very famous prayer- ‘Our Father in Heaven’. Both these contexts indicate the entire theme of the film- how violence should be resisted but, forgiveness is the one that stands above all.

The film opens with a bunch of students sitting in their maths class where a mathematical problem posed in front of the students generates various responses, curious, inhumane and, an ultimate silence. Later, we are introduced to the teacher and, her son, Peter in their personal space, where the son asks his mother if Nazis are to be forgiven too when she recites the everyday holy prayer. Even though, Peter is convinced of the power of forgiveness and, how no calculation could measure the worth of life, the very next day they are raided by German soldiers as they are Jews. Peter’s mother stays behind as he escapes, running away from the mayhem and, his broken home.

Will the Nazis catch him or will he escape free? The film gives us an open ending to contemplate it all.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses: Stream It or Skip It?

This short movie is a quick run into what it would feel like in that one moment of being a Jew in the world of Nazis when your life is torn apart. The film is crisp and precise and, leaves us with a lot to contemplate about.

You can watch the short film Forgive Our Trespasses now on Netflix.

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses is about endurance and forgiveness in a bleak time.


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Forgive Us Our Trespasses Recap: Is Forgiveness Really Divine?Forgive Us Our Trespasses is about endurance and forgiveness in a bleak time.