Forget Everything and Run Review: Truly Forgetful

Forget Everything and Run is an action thriller movie directed by Geoff Reisner and Jason Tobias and starring Marci Miller, Jason Tobias, Danny Ruiz and Susan Moore Harmon, alongside other cast members.

Two of my rules when dealing with zombies are don’t fumble and never forget to double-tap. A terrifying infection spreading and bringing around an apocalypse might just be something we’re all expecting with the current state of the world, and thus, you have to be prepared for the inevitable zombies that will try to eat you up. Just kidding. No, but seriously, always double-tap, people.

That being said, Forget Everything and Run is another post-apocalyptic zombie thriller that has too many predecessors to count. While a lot of them are good, others are not so great and barely qualify for one-time viewing. This movie falls somewhere close to the second type but isn’t as obnoxious, which is kinda confusing.

The setting is mostly familiar. There’s a deadly virus out there which have turned people into zombies. Thus, it’s mostly a post-apocalyptic scenario where people are pushed to fend for themselves. Such is the situation with Ethan and his family consisting of his wife Joe and their two kids. The older of the two is strapped to a bed with a ventilator on and is apparently infected, while the younger one is mostly scared and ditzy.

forget everything and run
Forget Everything and Run Review: Truly Forgetful 3

In such a precarious scenario, in comes a band of marauders. Of course, a fight ensues that results in a few bullets and scratches. Now comes the hard part – while Joe tries to get the matriarch in-line, Ethan goes out with the brother to get supplies. That, obviously, is a dangerous situation to be in. Does the family come out of this alive?

So, Forget Everything and Run is a tried and tested movie. There’s nothing too interesting or new here. The script is extremely dialogue-heavy, mostly between the family and the marauders. However, it doesn’t really talk about the virus or anything of significance that can make the story-watching experience better. The dialogues here are mostly stale and mostly slow down the movie makes the runtime sluggish.

There are a few scenes where we flashback to when things were good. It’s nice to watch sometimes but again, it adds nothing of value other than pointing out the striking contrast of situations.

Forget Everything and Run, however, has some nice and beautiful scenery to look at and it is a welcome change from the dilapidated shack that the family lives in or the situations they find themselves in. The performances are ok too, with Susan Moore Harmon doing a great job as the marauder matriarch. Other than that, however, there’s nothing much to like here.

Summing up: Forget Everything and Run

forget everything and run
Forget Everything and Run Review: Truly Forgetful 4

Forget Everything and Run is everything that a survival zombie movie might want, except it doesn’t do justice to any of those things. It’s quite boring and apart from a few action sequences, doesn’t leave much of an impact. The movie’s zombies are quite funny and not scary and do nothing to invoke fear or urgency. It’s a movie that you can definitely skip. Watch A Quiet Place instead.

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Forget Everything and Run is a boring survival thriller that doesn't really do much.

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