Forever Out of My League Review: Ludovica Francesconi Starrer Continues to Be Special

Netflix’s newest romantic comedy, Forever Out of My League aka Sempre Più Bello is directed by Claudio Norza from a screenplay co-written by Roberto Proia and Michela Straniero. The film is the third one in the Out of My League franchise with the first part being Out of My League and, the second is titled Still Out of My League. The cast of this Italian movie stars Ludovica Francesconi, Giancarlo Commare, Gaja Masciale, Jozef Gjura, Jenny De Nucci, Drusilla Foer, Riccardo Niceforo, and Diego Giangrasso. With a runtime of 1 hour 45 minutes, subtitles and audio are available both in English as well as Italian.

– Sempre Più Bello aka Forever Out of My League Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers –

Forever Out of My League: Can this Fault in Our Stars Story Have a Happy Ending?

Out of My League series, fans must know how touching and thoughtful Marta’s journey has been so far. For the last two films, we have been following the wonderful journey of this 20-something-year-old girl with Mucoviscidosis (Cystic Fibrosis, as we commonly know it) who is set out to experience that one true feeling of love before her time runs out. In the last film, we did see Marta finally get an organ donor for her lung transplant and, that is exactly where the third film in the trilogy picks up from.

Forever Out of My League opens with a brief introduction to Marta’s childhood, where she never received love and affection from her grandmother. We realize that this might just form a very critical theme in the film. In the present day, we are finally introduced to all our feel-good, familiar characters starting from Marta’s surrogate family- Jacopo and Federica, to Marta’s lover- Gabriele. Marta, presently in the hospital is in a state of recovery from the lung transplant she’s had and, her friends are eagerly waiting for her return to her new normal life.

The story follows Marta’s recovery and, blooming love with Gabriele, Jacopo and Federica’s individual struggles and realizations along with Rebecca and Giacomo’s newfound relationship. New characters like Marta’s doctor, Dario, play a key role in the progress of the story. But, does this mean that with a new pair of lungs and, a life that finally almost feels like a fairytale Marta is happy and safe? Forever Out of My League takes us through an emotional ride of all things good and bad that life throws at us.

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Pretty much the last two films in the franchise, this film plays well with the mainstream plot. It is nuanced and beautiful in its storytelling of ordinary people who are extraordinary in their own ways. Ludovica Francesconi’s Marta is as adorable, charming and pragmatic as ever and, truly makes up for that one fine protagonist whose story you want to continue beyond the credits roll and, be a part of. The blooming chemistry with Giancarlo Commare is also full of butterflies. Jozef Gjura’s Jacopo and Gaja Masciale’s Federica again deliver a memorable performance and, make up for most of the film’s highlights.

Forever Out of My League: Final Verdict

Nonetheless, with the third film finally dropping, the climax of every film seems to follow the same old trope and, ultimately, will not satisfy a cynical heart. But, for rom-com lovers, who don’t mind a cliche with the right energy, Forever Out of My League does an above-average job. Overall, it’s enjoyable, feel-good and, has its moments that will pull at your heartstrings.

You can watch Forever Out of My League now streaming on Netflix.

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Forever Out of My League is heartfelt and, romantic but, also a little mainstream.

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Forever Out of My League is heartfelt and, romantic but, also a little mainstream.Forever Out of My League Review: Ludovica Francesconi Starrer Continues to Be Special