Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3 Recap: Song Kang Asks a Very Important Question

Forecasting Love and Weather (기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편) is a Korean TV series directed by Cha Young-hoon and starring Park Min-young, Song Kang, and Yoon Bak, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Forecasting Love and Weather episode 3 has a runtime of 62 minutes and is titled In Between Seasons.

Netflix describes the series as:

Inside a national weather service, love proves just as difficult to predict as rain or shine for a diligent forecaster and her free-spirited co-worker.

– Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3 recap contains major spoilers –

I am sorry, but if you’re going to start the episode with Song Kang walking around naked and taking a shower, I think I will need a moment to process everything and my emotions.

Anyway, Forecasting Love and Weather episode 3 starts with Ha-kyung coming back home to her frantic mother and simply going to her room and starting crying wondering what the heck happened last night. Meanwhile, Si-woo seems to be very perceptive about the world around him – the passing seasons become a metaphor for what people feel when one relationship ends and another begins. Everyone is confused about what to feel during this transition.

Ha-kyung, meanwhile, realizes that she left her car keys in the hotel room last night while Si-woo tells his colleagues that he caught a cold from the rather hot encounter, as he puts it.

forecasting love and weather episode 3
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3

Stuck in a crowded bus in traffic, Ha-kyung asks her colleagues to start the meeting since she is definitely going to be late. She rushes to the office and breathlessly starts the morning meeting, only to realize that she, too, has caught a cold. However, that’s the least of their concerns since a bunch of fishermen are pissed that they are not allowed to fish thanks to the high wind warning. Ha-kyung is unprepared but Dong-han and Si-woo, of course, have differing opinions and Ha-kyung has to make the call.

Tensions rise within Ha-kyung’s new team and she looks quite annoyed because of it. But something that brings a smile to her face is Si-woo leaving her CAR keys on her desk. For some reason though, Yoo-jin keeps throwing a stink whenever she sees Si-woo at work as if she owns the place or something. Or maybe it’s just the guilt that’s eating into her conscience. Either way, she is annoying and a cheater, so you know, that says a lot.

On the other hand, Ki-jun, too, is trying to boss Ha-kyung around in Forecasting Love and Weather episode 3. He tries to blame her saying that she’s not releasing the preliminary reports because of her personal feelings towards him. His tendency to feel like everything in the world revolves around him is quite pathetic, that too in front of a room full of people. His tantrum doesn’t get anywhere, though, because both Ha-kyung and Si-woo give him a piece of their minds. It’s great to watch.

forecasting love and weather episode 3
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3

Later on, sweet Si-woo gives an overworked Ha-kyung fever medicine and asks her to take it. Although she tries to protest, she realizes that he’s right and seems taken aback by how much he cares, although he makes it clear that he’s not trying to date her. Later, when they have to make a decision about the high winds, after a brief discussion with Dong-han and Si-woo, Ha-kyung refuses to lower the warning, although Si-woo says otherwise and much to his chagrin.

That night, while everyone is leaving, Ha-kyung clears the air with Dong-han which is really nice to watch. His intentions ARE nice, he’s just a bit rough around the edges. After seeing what happens at his home, you kinda feel for the poor guy. Not excusing his behaviour, but he’s sweet, you know? Meanwhile, Yoo-jin gets to know about the fight between Ki-jun and Ha-kyung and goes home and starts bickering with her husband. The problems are just starting now that the rose-tinted glasses are off.

Meanwhile, Ha-kyung meets Si-woo again thanks to an ad to sell her air purifier. Both are shocked and she refuses to sell it to her. Before leaving, however, he tells her that she’s making a loss from selling such high-end and practically new products. The next few hours he spends helping her out with selling her stuff and Ha-kyung, lost in his eyes (probably, because how can you not?) asks him why not (in reply to his earlier comment saying that he won’t date her just because they slept together). The two keep asking each other what that’s about until they get a message from a buyer. The two then go off to have dinner together.

forecasting love and weather episode 3
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3

At dinner, Si-woo advises her to not sell her place because she’ll regret it later but that conversation is cut short when their colleagues come to the same restaurant. Ha-kyung tries to flee and Si-woo helps her. But, at the back alley, he asks her whether there’s anything between them that they should hide from the others. Ha-kyung tells him that she doesn’t want rumours about them to circulate but he just asks him whether she likes him. She refuses, but he says that she might just.

Si-woo then tells her that he doesn’t flirt around and thus, they should date. Ha-kyung reminds him that he said that they won’t date. However, Si-woo tells her that he doesn’t want to be in a one-sided relationship. But, if she likes him as well, he’d like to date.

“So, what are we to you?”

Final Thoughts: Forecasting Love and Weather episode 3

forecasting love and weather episode 3
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3

Phew! Song Kang really nails these intensely sensual stares! This episode is a whirlwind of great moments between the characters. Although Si-woo is still a big mystery since we know so little about him, hopefully, things look up later on. Now, coming to the episode, I cannot wait for Ki-jun’s relationship to go up in flames! I can see them fighting incessantly from now on since they both thought cheating on their spouses is the way to go when you feel trapped in a relationship. Plus, what is it with those intense weather prediction scenes? I know I am repeating this, but there’s just something very intense about a room full of people trying to determine life and death! This series just keeps on giving.

recasting Love and Weather is streaming on Netflix.

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 3 has Song Kang giving these intense sensual stares - that's it, that's the episode for me!

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 3 has Song Kang giving these intense sensual stares - that's it, that's the episode for me!Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 3 Recap: Song Kang Asks a Very Important Question