Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14 Recap: Song Kang, Park Min-young and Toxic Relationships

Forecasting Love and Weather (기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편) is a Korean TV series directed by Cha Young-hoon and starring Park Min-young, Song Kang, and Yoon Bak, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Forecasting Love and Weather episode 14 has a runtime of 66 minutes and is titled Migratory Anticyclone.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14 recap contains major spoilers –

Forecasting Love and Weather episode 14 starts with a pleasant fall morning. But, it’s not pleasant for Ha-kyung, who just went through another office break-up. Now that the entire office knows, it’s going to be a cause for melodrama in the future. As Si-woo, back at the office night room, sits there looking at the necklace that he bought her, Ha-kyung calls her to ask him about the charges are lotions that he left at her place. She’s packing up his things to give them back to him since he won’t be living there anymore.

Back to the previous episode’s ending, which… well, hate is an understatement. But, well, which I hate. Because the moment he tells her about their team knowing, her mother comes out from a random bedroom like a stalker out for blood with a photograph of her extremely adult daughter kissing her adult boyfriend. I don’t understand the hassle, nor the comedy music in the background. Is it funny for mothers to harass their adult children in this way? We hear her going on and on with the questions and even though Ha-kyung tells her that they have broken up, she just won’t stop.

forecasting love and weather episode 14
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14

Meanwhile, Si-woo, out ousted from the house, gets calls from his father and honestly, I need this plot to end already. He apparently walked into oncoming traffic for some other random scheme but isn’t able to get through to his son. On the other hand, Ki-jun and Yu-rim continue with the mopey talks about how Ki-jun was incorrect in the way he handled things. No mention of her immaturity so that’s fine I guess.

However, the shocking best part of the series is Seok-ho and Tae-kyung, who have, apparently, spent the night together at his place after that smooch in the last episode. Seok-ho’s reaction is adorable as heck as he realises what just transpired that night. Tae-kyung, unfortunately, comes across Ha-kyung on her way home and spins a story that their mother sent her there. Si-woo, meanwhile, is paranoid that everyone at work is talking about his and Ha-kyung’s relationship.

Ha-kyung tries to take it in her stride, but well, people talk. That’s the nature of office romances. But it’s weird that no one in that office seems to have any job. Even for the most common things that Si-wo and Ha-kyung talk about, everyone stares at them like they’re all in middle school. Meanwhile, Tae-kyung and Seok-ho make plans to meet that night again.

forecasting love and weather episode 14
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14

When Ki-jun gets to know the messages going around about Si-woo and Ha-kyung in the office chat, he seems angry and annoyed. He meets up with Si-woo and tells him that he means much more to Ha-kyung than him. If they break up, it will hurt her more. Although Si-woo tries to tell him that they’re over, Ki-jun tells him that he should think twice about breaking up with Ha-kyung since women suffer more in the workplace because of such situations and she doesn’t deserve to be a laughing stock.

In the situation room, just as Ha-kyung is about to tell her team of their breakup, Si-woo, instead, asks them to pray for them. The team is supportive of the relationship and seem quite excited. However, Ha-kyung isn’t happy and later asks him why he said this. Si-woo tells her that it’s because he doesn’t want anyone to gossip – he hates listening to people make assumptions about her without knowing anything and he doesn’t want to hear it. Ha-kyung seems quite broken about it and Si-woo confesses that the breakup is unbearable for him as well.

forecasting love and weather episode 14
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14

Meanwhile, Ki-jun finds Yu-jin in a pensive mood. Previously, her boss apparently told her that pregnant reporters lose their jobs after giving birth and rearing children. Which, I feel, is a workplace problem more than anything. But, whatever. She finally tells Ki-jun that she’s pregnant, leaving him quite shocked. At the end of the workday, Si-woo and Ha-kyung decide to keep this a secret and continue giving the impression that they are still together.

However, a timely call from both Ki-jun and Yu-jin to each of them brings them to their exes to give them emotional support. It’s a lot of emotional discussion on the two couple’s parts and Yu-jin’s annoyance at her husband not reacting the way she wanted is remedied when he surprises her with a sweet surprise at home and apologises for not congratulating her. However, she proposes to abort the child since neither of them is prepared for it.

Meanwhile, Ha-kyung, for some reason, is out to check up on Si-woo’s father while her mother sits Si-woo down to talk to him. So more of that melodrama in the next episode.

Final Thoughts: Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14

The first question I always end up asking myself at the end of Forecasting Love and Weather is whether any of the protagonists are adults. I am forever confused as to why they can’t take the time to make up their minds about something. One moment someone is annoyed at something, the next they want the complete opposite of that thing. It’s a constant turmoil that the audience is meant to go through because of it, something that makes watching the series a chore.

forecasting love and weather episode 14
Still From Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14

Don’t even get me started about the lead couple’s relationship. Dumpster fire is not enough to describe it. It is one thing to be confused, it is a whole other thing to be this toxic and indecisive. It’s cool to watch this from the perspective of 15-year-olds, but working adults doing these things is just unacceptable. And what is it with the parents in this story? Is no one stable enough to guide their kids through the tough times? Ha-kyung’s mother is just so annoying, she has no boundaries. Watching her interact with her daughter gives me second-hand embarrassment.

And don’t even get me started on Ki-jun and Ha-kyung’s relationship, or whatever that is. Can I just mention that you shouldn’t be friends with your ex who cheated on you for months with another woman and had sex on your own bed in your own home? Like, is that… is that too much to ask? What is this madness? Why does Ha-kyung run to him every time he needs a should to cry on? Is Ha-kyung his emotional support animal? Moreover, why does she also run to Si-woo’s father? Si-woo doesn’t even like his father! Why is this series devoid of any boundaries or normal interactions?

Well, thank goodness for Seok-ho and Tae-kyung and their sweet, budding romance. They keep me going.

Forecasting Love and Weather is streaming on Netflix.

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 14 continue to drag through its last few episodes, giving us telenovela vibes with its overdramatic relationships.

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 14 continue to drag through its last few episodes, giving us telenovela vibes with its overdramatic relationships. Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 14 Recap: Song Kang, Park Min-young and Toxic Relationships