Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 1 Recap: Song Kang and Park Min-young Face Hail and Storm

Forecasting Love and Weather (기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편) is a Korean TV series directed by Cha Young-hoon and starring Park Min-young, Song Kang, and Yoon Bak, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1 has a runtime of 71 minutes and is titled Signal.

Netflix describes the series as:

Inside a national weather service, love proves just as difficult to predict as rain or shine for a diligent forecaster and her free-spirited co-worker.

– Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 1 recap contains major spoilers –

Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1 starts with Ha-kyung trying to catch hold of Ki-jun, who informs her that she won’t be able to visit the hanbok place with her. Ki-jun is apparently marrying Ha-kyung, but her mother absolutely does not support their relationship. According to her, the fact that they do not fight at all is a massive red flag. Ha-kyung’s relationship with Ki-jun does seem a bit cold and although her family says that it’s because she herself is too cautious, I think the problem goes deeper.

Meanwhile, Si-woo picks up Yoo-jin and takes her to lunch. Shi-woo seems to be the sweet airhead who has his heart at the right place. Unfortunately, his relationship with Yoo-jin, too, seems to be on the rocks. Although he seems excited about his new car and the prospect of having fun with her, she doesn’t seem that interested. Unfortunately, though, just as one of Ha-kyung’s colleagues had predicted, it starts to hail which causes widespread destruction.

Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1

Their failure to predict the weather falls heavily on Ha-kyung and the entire team although her boss takes the blame on him. Either way, Ha-kyung feels guilty, especially when Dong-han reminds her that he had clearly told her that they should report the chance of hail. In between all the stress, Director Choi has a heart attack. Unfortunately for Ha-kyung, she becomes the acting director in Director Choi’s absence.

The next day, as everyone is working, Si-woo goes around to check the weather machines and realises that the ground temperatures are abnormally high. For some reason, everyone is super annoyed with Si-woo and so rather rude to him. It’s a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, he realises that there’s going to be heavy rainfall and has a very interesting discussion regarding whether it’s going to rain or not – and it all falls on Ha-kyung to make the decision. But, the main highlight here is Si-woo and his tenacity, it’s absolutely infectious.

When it comes to the forefront that Ha-kyung knew about the hail but didn’t report it to Choi, her superior is absolutely mortified. He tells her that it wasn’t her decision to make and she should’ve reported it. Either way, Ha-kyung, annoyed at Si-woo, screams at him. However, he reminds her that she did nothing about the hail because of her personal issues. I guess the protagonists are going to butt heads at first!

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Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1

Either way, the fact that weather forecasting can be this intense is shocking. Plus, the fact that Song Kang looks absolutely adorable as the headstrong Lee Si-woo.

And right on time, it starts to rain, just as Si-woo predicted in Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1, much to everyone chagrin and Si-woo’s delight. Sitting in her car, Ha-kyung realises that Ki-jun has cancelled all of their wedding plans without informing her – essentially, her wedding is cancelled and she doesn’t even know it yet. Annoyed and heartbroken, she goes to meet Ki-jun and goes inside his apartment dripping wet to realise that he’s cheating on her. On the other hand, Yoo-jin breaks up with Si-woo.

After a load of heartbreak, Ha-kyung comes to terms with her new responsibilities, a chance of a job change and personnel changes. Plus, the adding salt to injury, Ki-jun takes their stuff from their shared apartment and also asks her to sell the apartment to him.

Final thoughts: Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1

Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1

Forecasting Love and Weather episode 1 is intense! If you’re someone who has read my Nevertheless reviews, you know I am a Song Kang fan and goshdamn he looks great here! Apart from that, the story is extremely interesting and working with a despicable ex will result in some really fun situations! Let’s hope this one turns out great.

Forecasting Love and Weather is streaming on Netflix.

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Forecasting Love and Weather is an intense ride of weather forecasting, heartbreak and heart failures!


  1. Love this drama. Watch primarily because of SYJ but I must say all 3 women are superb. SYJ budding romance with Seon is believable. Their gazes makes you forget that SYJ is getting married. It’s only episode 1 but Thirty Nine have all the elements of a good drama. Looking forward of the coming episodes.

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Forecasting Love and Weather is an intense ride of weather forecasting, heartbreak and heart failures!Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 1 Recap: Song Kang and Park Min-young Face Hail and Storm