F*ck Love Too Review: Bo Maerten in Love Hell

F*ck Love Too (F*ck de liefde 2) is a romantic-comedy movie directed by Appie Boudellah and Aram van de Rest, and stars Bo Maerten, Géza Weisz, and Yolanthe Cabau, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 92 minutes and is the second instalment after 2019’s F*ck de liefde.

Netflix describes the movie:

In this romantic comedy, several friends, each dealing with unhappy love lives, turn to each other for help — but not always with the best results.

– F*ck Love Too review does not contain spoilers –

2019‘s F*ck de liefde dappled in love, rejection and how to come back from a traumatic romantic breakdown. Unfortunately for it, though, it did not bring anything new to the table and saying that this is a romantic comedy became too much of a compliment for a movie of its calibre. The humour was stale and almost childish and didn’t resonate with adults and the romantic angle fell flat because the characters themselves seemed insincere and hypocritical.

So, why do we have another movie in the same vein and should you watch it? The answer to the first is that the movie industry loves making crappy romances to please the audiences who, in turn, also love sappy romance shows. It’s almost a win-win until it’s not.

f*ck love too

Now, coming to F*ck de liefde 2 or F*ck Love Too – Yes, it’s as childish as the first one. The humour is absolute trash. The situations that these people get into are unbelievable for one and unexpected from adults with kids for another. None of them is mature enough to be left on their own and everyone acts as if the world revolves around them. The characters are just so one-dimensional and without depth that it’s difficult to actually form any sort of bond with them. For example, the humour consists of a doctor talking on the phone and laughing while his face is shoved in between Cindy’s legs. I don’t understand what’s so funny.

Moreover, the scenes are transitions don’t flow quite well and feel like these random moments strung together. The emotional moments are played down so much and cut off so drastically that you don’t connect to them. Random sex scenes and butts come up for no reason other than showing some skin for the heck of it. In one scene, Said puts up a few kids with signs to win his wife Bo over, but his son bails out and the sign just reads “wh*re” in front of her workplace. It’s just so cringy.

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f*ck love too

Now, it’s not just the cringy jokes. The movie is just so misogynistic. It’s dripping with sexist gags and in one of the scenes, Jack asks Said whether he’s on his period because he’s sitting with a sad look on his face. Sure, all women just act sad and bitchy when they’re on their period – sure, Jack. And it’s not just this one instance, Jack is just a horrible person who constantly belittles his partners and questions whether the babies that he helped create are his… when he is the one cheating. Because sex without protection never ends in pregnancies. Everything is the women’s fault – we’re just so hormonal!

When it comes to the story, there isn’t much. F*ck Love Too is about these very messy people going through life. The fact that we’re subjected to Jack as if his storyline is in any way funny or interesting is absolutely disturbing and I feel offended that they chose to show it to us. There’s a shtick with a fortune-teller without any rhyme or reason – it’s neither funny nor insightful. The reason I say all of this is because it’s a repetition of everything we have seen before. F*ck de liefde 2 takes its romantic roots and makes it the cringiest movie possible.

Summing up: F*ck Love Too

f*ck love too

There are a lot of bad romantic movies but there’s just something so cringy about F*ck Love Too that it’s difficult to take it seriously or sit through. It’s filled with stupid, annoying and childish jokes that will make your skin crawl and uninteresting and unbelievable situations that are just annoying to sit through. I mean, Jack advises Said to send the latter’s wife dick pics to “take initiative”. They compare and discuss and show each other pictures of their members because that’s definitely what men do. We’re working with crap like this. I wish this day just didn’t exist.

F*ck Love Too is streaming on Netflix.

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F*ck Love Too is an atrocious love story, one that makes your skin crawl with its situations and humour.

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F*ck Love Too Review: Bo Maerten in Love HellF*ck Love Too is an atrocious love story, one that makes your skin crawl with its situations and humour.