Father There Is Only One Review: Wholesome AF!

Father There Is Only One, aka Padre no hay más que uno, is a Spanish comedy-drama that released in Spain in 2019. For the Indian audience, the film is available on paid TV channel &PrivéHD from Friday. Directed by Santiago Segura, the film stars him along with Toni Acosta, Wendy Ramos, Martina D’Antiochia, Calma Segura, Luna Fulgencio, Carlos González Morollón and Sirena Segura. Santiago has written the story along with Marta González de Vega.

When I was 15 minutes into the film, I realised how much I miss watching family comedy-dramas – the light, enjoyable movies where we see a messed-up family with crazy siblings, yet full of love and laughter. Father There Is Only One has all these elements with a wonderful story. In the film, Marisa (Toni Acosta) and Javier (Santiago Segura) have 5 kids – Martina D’Antiochia as Sara, Calma Segura as Carlota, Luna Fulgencio as Rocío, Carlos González Morollón as Dani, and Sirena Segura as Paula.

Marisa and Javier’s day starts with extreme chaos caused by their 5 kids. Some are fighting, some are singing, and some are lost in their own world. However, only Marisa is looking after them, whereas Javier is busy working on his laptop. The couple is also celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. During their dinner date, Javier tells Marisa that he cannot make it to their anniversary trip. This irks her, but the constant phone calls from her kids take away all the attention.

At night, Javier tells his wife that she should take the trip alone. Marisa refuses as she doesn’t want to leave the kids alone as they are a huge responsibility. That’s when the husband says that he is the father and she should give him a chance to look after them too. The next day, Marisa agrees to take the trip without her husband. When she gives Javier instructions and important things to remember about their children, he’s blown away. He wonders how tough can it be to handle their own kids. Oh well, it is a nightmare!

Father There Is Only One movie
Father There Is Only One Still

Father There Is Only One will make you laugh a lot. The comedy is stupendous. The kids are adorable but a great ordeal to handle! Seeing Javier struggle to take responsibility as a father as good as Marisa is hilarious. Did he make a mistake with his decision to take charge of his kids and send his wife away for a vacation? Well, you have to watch the film to know how it turns out.

Apart from giving us funny moments, Father There Is Only One celebrates the woman’s efforts as a mother. People may think both parents look after their children equally. But the film showed us how much a mother knows more than a father. As Javier says in the film, they have two jobs – their work and being a mother!

Santiago is amazing as Javier. The way he portrays his character’s helplessness around kids will make you LOL. As someone who has seen too many Indian dramas, I was waiting for a moment when he will lose his temper and start yelling at his kids. But that doesn’t happen at all. The child actors are amazing as well. They are such goofballs. You want to be around such children. But you also don’t want the stress as they are indeed challenging to handle. So kudos to all the actors who made the film funnier than it already is.

Father There Is Only One
Father There Is Only One movie still

Father There Is Only One: Is it worth it?

Overall, Father There Is Only One is a must-watch. You are going to have a good laugh; it’s wholesome AF. The writing is precise, and the story humorous. The performances are fabulous. What else do you want in an entertaining comedy-drama?

Father There Is Only One is available on &PrivéHD TV Channel, when paid.

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Father There Is Only One is a fun ride from start to end and is all-around wholesome.
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