Eve Episode 7 Recap: Seo Yea-ji Has A Change In Her Plan

Eve or Eve’s Scandal (이브의 스캔들) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Melodrama written by Yoon Young-mi and directed by Park Bong-sub. The drama stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob and Yoo Sun in leading roles. The series will run for 16 episodes. Eve Episode 7 has a runtime of 67 minutes.

– Eve Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Eve Episode 7, Ra-el has taken a big risk to tell Han So-ra about her husband’s alleged affair. So-ra gets enraged at Ra-el and tells her to know her position. She threatens to find proof of her husband’s affair or get herself killed. In front of So-ra, Ra-el behaves like she is scared but everything has been happening exactly how she had planned. So-ra has become insecure and has already started doubting her husband. She asks Yoong-gyeom to go home with her but he refuses saying he has to work in the office.

Eve Episode 7 Seo Yea-ji
Still from Eve Episode 7

So-ra sends her secretary to follow Yoon-gyeom but he disappears from her sight. Yoon-gyeom has built a high wall of bodyguards next to him and he doesn’t let anybody close to him. He goes to the Rose House to meet Ra-el and she has also told her husband that she is meeting with a friend. Ra-el has promised Yoon-gyeom to stay by his side and hence, gives him a proposal to buy shares that will make him own the LY Company all to himself. Yoon-gyeom wonders how Ra-el understands him so much, to which replies that it is because of the similar scars they have had.

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Han So-ra is furious because she hasn’t come home in many days and cannot reach him by any means. She takes it all out on Ra-el and asks Ra-el to say anyone who could have affair with her husband. She takes the name of Eun Da-bi’s mother and shows So-ra the picture of the customized bag that Yoon-gyeom had gifted her. So-ra thinks Da-bi’s mother is too lowly to date her husband. Ra-el gives So-ra an idea to meet Yoon-gyeom.

Eve Episode 7 Seo Yea-ji
Still from Eve Episode 7

So-ra arrives at Yoon-gyeom’s notice without notice and sees him having a private meeting with some delegates. She worries about whom he is meeting behind her back and tries to find documents in his office. Ra-el points out to So-ra the makeup on Yoon-gyeom’s jacket. So-ra gets furious again and pins Ra-el to the wall. Yoon-gyeom arrives to see his office in a mess and gets into a big fight with So-ra. He tells So-ra to leave and he stays back to talk to Ra-el. Ra-el had called her husband to Yoon-gyeom and he sees Ra-el and Yoon-gyeom hugging.

Eve Episode 7 Ending

Ra-el comes home after many days and her husband confronts her about what she was doing with Yoon-gyeom. Ra-el’s mom tries to stop the conversation but Ra-el tells the truth that she has been spending nights with Kang Yoon-gyeom. She leaves their home because she doesn’t feel the need to stay with her husband anymore. Her mom asks her if she is in love with Yoon-gyeom but she denies it. She plans to make So-ra kill herself by making Yoon-gyeom get a divorce from her. Her mom thinks that Ra-el is going out of hands and she intends to expose Ra-el to Kang if she goes overboard.

Eve OST: Hold Me Tight By Kim Ye-ji

Eve Episode 7 Review

Eve Episode 7 is courageous and reckless. Ra-el has been jumping into risky situations without knowing the consequences and things have been working out for her. It is hard to tell if Ra-el is brave, reckless or just lucky. The climax has been building and with the change in Ra-el’s plan, she is venturing into the unknown. She denies being in love with Yoon-gyeom but her actions tell otherwise. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like it is going to end well.

Eve Episode 7 is available to watch on Viki.

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Seo Yea-ji plans to take revenge against So-ra in Eve Episode 7

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Eve Episode 7 Recap: Seo Yea-ji Has A Change In Her PlanSeo Yea-ji plans to take revenge against So-ra in Eve Episode 7