Euphoria Season 2: From Jules to Nate, Here’s a List of Our Least Favourite Characters!

Euphoria Season 2’s finale coming up next week, we cannot stay put contemplating about how the show is going to end. It has been already renewed for a third season, so fans are expecting a cliffhanger ending. Created and written by Sam Levinson for HBO, the show stars an ensemble cast that includes Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Storm Reid, Hunter Schafer, Algee Smith, Sydney Sweeney, Colman Domingo, Javon “Wanna” Walton, Austin Abrams, and Dominic Fike.

However, everyone will accept that not all the actors had their own share of screen time and, at times some actors really pissed us off with the direction their characters have been heading in. Well, we have gotten the list down to the five worst characters Euphoria Season 2 has offered us, not chronologically, of course. Let us have a quick look at them!

5 Worst Characters from Euphoria Season 2

Sydney Sweeney as Cassandra Howard aka Cassie

Cassie’s arc has definitely taken a road from where there is no redemption. Starting from hooking around with her best friend’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, to getting away with it and then, actually pursuing it without notifying anyone, Cassie Howard took it one step up this season with bad decisions. It is a well-known fact that nothing ends well with Nate Jacobs being involved and, especially not a romantic relationship but, Cassie has been going headfirst into Nate’s life, even when Nate himself discouraged the efforts initially. From dressing up like Maddy to get Nate’s attention to the awful pool party scene at Maddy’s birthday, Cassie has transformed from a misguided character to the one we all have been judging.

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Jacob Elordi as Nathaniel Jacobs aka Nate

Nate has been the punching bag of hate since the first season and, well, surprise surprise, he continues the trope this season too! As if harassing Jules and Rue in season one and, getting beaten up by Fezco in season two was going to stop this man. With Cassie in his wraps, Nate continued to play a dangerous game with Maddy. He even pulled a gun at her! There is no coming back from there, even if he offered Jules the CD ultimately.

And, according to the last episode, he is now throwing Cassie out of his house, all because Lexi put up a play that spilled the truth beans. Well, no one can get worse than Nate, we can all agree!

Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn

Well, Jules is a tricky character to get around. We are not saying she is the absolute worst but, isn’t the best either, which is why she stands somewhere in the middle of both lists. Jules means well but, she never does well. She pops up in Rue’s life just the way Rue pops her pills. She is jealous of Rue and Elliot but, she is the one who ultimately sleeps with him. She also goes behind Rue’s back and, snitches on her! An information Elliot told her in confidence, she just throws it at Leslie’s face and, without thinking helps her flush Rue’s drug supply away.

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Jules wants to head the right way but, somewhere down the line digresses completely from her intentions and, makes things about herself. She definitely owes Rue an apology for what she put her through in both season one and season two.

Barbie Ferreira as Katherine Hernandez aka Kat

Kat has always been an inspiring character but, it could be the creative differences that result in her lack of screen time that has put her in this list. In Euphoria Season 2, Kat is conflicted. She is not explicitly cheating on Ethan but, she is not offering him the truth either, which is close. Kat had moments in this season with the entire influencer culture segment being toxic and, really being there for Maddy. But, she has also had her moments when we have been disgusted, like, the entire fake break up the routine with Ethan. We really hope our girl finds her way back to the top in the next season.

Chloe Cherry as Faye & Tyler Chase as Custer

This pair has been a fishy one from the start of Euphoria Season 2. From getting Fez, Rue and Ash into trouble to boarding at Fezco’s like it is their own house, nothing has ever seemed right with this couple. And, given how things have turned out in the last episode, it is safe to say that whatever happens in the big finale, these two will have a majorly negative part to play.

You can watch all the episodes of the show streaming now on HBO Max as well as Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes arrive on the streaming platforms every Sunday ET. To read recaps, theories and, other news on it, click here.

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