Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 aka Euphoria Season 2 Finale titled All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name is now out. Sam Levinson directed and wrote the one-hour long episode. This episode of the series stars Zendaya (Rue), Maude Apatow (Lexi), Alexa Damie (Maddy), Angus Cloud (Fezco), Jacob Elordi (Nate), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), Hunter Schafer (Jules), Barbie Ferreira (Kat), Austin Abrams (Ethan) and Javon “Wanna” Walton (Ashtray).

The synopsis reads, “As the show goes on, fragments of memories collide with the present and future”.

Euphoria Season 2 Finale Recap Contains Spoilers

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 starts with the anticipatory reveal of what Custer wanted to talk to Fezco about in the last episode when he was about to leave for Lexi’s play. Custer tells Fezco that Mousse’s body has been discovered to which Faye breaks a glass and, secretively hints Fez to keep quiet. She then loudly says how Custer has initially blamed Laurie for the murder and, is now just trying to cover up for them. However, before the conversation could dissolve or sizzle down, Ashtray takes a harsh decision to plug in a knife in Custer’s neck, killing him immediately.

We move on to the flashback of Lexi and Fez’s friendship and, how over the course of Lexi trying to put up the play, they have come closer. Sweet and, meaningful, the “Fexi” moment in the show truly made everyone smile. We also see Rue have a flashback moment about where she and Eliott stand with their friendship, topped off with a beautiful and heartfelt song.

Meanwhile, taking a look at Lexi’s play, we see Cassie (just dumped out of Nate Jacobs’ house) get up on stage and, call out Lexi for putting up a play about her life. With heated conversations taking place and, Cassie acting out, the beans about the Maddy-Nate-Cassie triangle is spilled on stage, even though it was never part of the play.

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To put Cassie in her position, we see Maddy take over the stage and, slap Cassie straight and, follow her running off the stage into the high school corridors. With the curtains drawn, we see Lexi upset and, distorted about how her play ended in a riot to which her assistant replies that it could be worse as the play could turn out to be a boring piece. Lexi’s faith is restored with yearning eyes from her cast and crew and, a little chorus Rue initiated in the audience that convinces Lexi to continue the play and, dedicate the upcoming part to Fezco, even though he couldn’t make it to the play.

The audiences are directed back to the intense aftermath of Custer’s death at Fez and Ash’s home, where we see Fez telling Ash to surrender as the former prepares to take on the murder charge to save his brother. But, before the plan comes into action, we see Ash knock off Fez and, close himself in the washroom with guns.

The second segment also features the compelling storyline between Nate and Cal Jacobs progressing. Nate visits his father with a loaded gun and conversations. Old traumas and emotions unfold as the darts of hurt and hate are thrown around. We see police moving in on Cal Jacobs and, taking him into custody based on the evidence of his hooking up with minors. But, that is not the only time we see sirens roll as more intense military fashioned cops move in on Fez and Ash.

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With Ash locked in the washroom, a shoutout rages between the kid and, the cops which result in a casualty that we did not want to see- Fezco! But the greater shock comes when the bathroom door opens and, Ash shoots at a cop which results in his encounter by other cops. The episode progresses with a high crescendo as all the deaths we have been witnessing through the season merges with Rue’s real and reel funeral speech at her father’s death to Lexi’s father’s death to Rue in the hospital due to overdose, close to death and, the empty apartment of Fezco and Ashtray holed by bullets and blood.

Lexi’s play comes to a close with a heavy and much-needed conversation between Lexi and Rue playing out. After the play ends, the final act of the episode shows us Cassie, Maddy and Kat in the washroom where Cassie tells Maddy how Nate has broken up with her to which Maddy replies that it was just the beginning, hinting at the toxic relationship Nate has with everyone. It is followed by Jules coming to Rue and, confessing her love and, it is the first time since Jules’ dissing out on Rue that we see the couple interact.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 ends with Rue giving her final monologue of the season of how she stayed clean throughout the rest of the school year, how Jules will always be her first love but, not essentially the one she sticks with and, a quote of remembrance from Ali about trying to be a good person is what actually makes you good.

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Euphoria Season 2 Finale: Final Thoughts

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 is truly a beautiful end to the season of this teen drama that had us lost and annoyed in the middle but, interested and invested by the end. Most of the character arcs come to a meaningful close and, we aren’t lost in the translation of love, drugs and abuse but, find ourselves on a fresh page to start anew.

The editing and cinematography in this episode is so seamless that you can hardly know how did you head from one segment of the episode to another. The music is a great aid too, playing on the highs and lows of the characters. Of course, there were melodramatic moments but, in this episode, they just seemed necessary to put everything together. With remarkable performances from Zendaya and, Maude Apatow Euphoria Season 2 finale holds the show closer to your heart to break it and piece it back together in its own unique way.

You can stream the episode now on Disney+Hotstar or HBO Max.

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Euphoria Season 2 finale is nervous, heartbreaking and beautiful in giving the characters their ultimate fate for now.

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Euphoria Season 2 finale is nervous, heartbreaking and beautiful in giving the characters their ultimate fate for now.Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name